Designation Process

Designate your course(s) or co-curricular program(s) with one or more High Impact Educational Experience (HIEE). Designating your course or program identifies HIEEs for students looking for High Impact experiences and helps the University better track and report out on HIEE data.


Curricular Designation

Co-Curricular Designation



CDEV Yes Yes
CEL Yes Yes CEL Curriculum Chair & Faculty-in-Residence, jo Blake:
CRE Yes No CRE Curriculum Committee Chair, Tracy Covey:
GLB Yes No

Faculty in Residence, Dr. Stephanie Wolfe:

INT Yes No
Sara Seefried:
LEAD No Yes  
Sheldon Cheshire,
MENT No Yes  
Olga Antonio,
SUS Yes No SUS Attribute Committee Chair, Alice Mulder: