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Strategic Imperative

Weber State University’s strategic plan clearly articulates the importance of high impact educational experiences (HIEEs) for the retention of students, their degree completion, and overall success.  The following are metrics specific to HIEEs in the strategic plan:

“For 2025-26, 50% of WSU bachelor’s degree completers will have two or more high-impact educational experiences (HIEE) (creating a baseline in AY 2021).”
To see if your college meets this goal, use the HIEE Participation tab in the HIEE Dashboard; you may filter the report by academic year, grad semester, and college.

“By Fall 2025, every program includes at least two opportunities that promote a strong connection and a sense of belonging to the university community, such as HIEE co-curricular programs, immersive projects and Student Involvement and Leadership (SIL) activities.”

To see if your college or academic department meets this goal, use the Course Characteristics tab in the HIEE Dashboard; you may filter by semester, HIEE Attributes, Course Department, Course Level, Curricular Filter, and several other measures.