WebDAV Tutorial for SharePoint Designer


From the "File" pull-down menu, select "Import" then "Import Site Wizard" (This is for your first connection only, skip this step if you have connected previously on your computer).


Select "WebDav" for your File protocol and type in the web address for your site.
(e.g. https://faculty.weber.edu/sitename) Make sure you have "Use Encrypted Connection (SSL)" box checked. Then hit Next.


A popup box will now appear asking for you username and password. This username and password is ad\yourusername and your e-Weber password.


Now it'll ask you where you want to save it on your local machine. You can leave it as the default or select a new path through browse. Then click Next.


Click "Finish".


Now you have a screen showing what you have on your local machine on the left and the live website on the right. In the lower right hand corner there is an option for publishing changes. "Remote to Local" should be selected so you can pull information from the live site to your local machine.


You can either select each file you want individually by clicking on the arrow next to the file or change the publishing option to "Synchronize" to synchronize the information between the live site and your local machine. "Synchronize" will pull in the entire site at once the first time you synchronize.


Now you have content on both the local machine and the live website. Select the file you want to edit on the local machine side. Once changes are made select Publish Web Site with the "Synchronize" option selected and this will only upload content that has been altered on your local machine.


The next time you connect the site will be in your Recent Sites List.


If it is not in your recent sites list you can go to the "File" pull-down and select "Open" then select the site from your list.


Select the page you want to edit and click "open"


Now you are back to the page with the files on the local machine and the live website.


If you want to edit the site live. Go to the "Site" pull-down and select "Remote Web Site".


Now you are seeing the content on the live website only. Please remember any changes made here will show up immediately on your actual website.


The Status now says "Changed" so you know that the files on the live site are different than on your local machine. So if you make a change on the live website you will want to synchronize that down to your local machine so the sites will be the same.


Once the synchronization is completed the Status will say "Unchanged". The files are now the same on both the local machine and the live website.


If you have any questions or problems connecting, please call the IT service desk at 801-626-7777.