iOS/iPadOS Onboarding Video Guide

The following video describes how to onboard an Apple iOS and iPadOS device:

iOS/iPadOS Onboarding Troubleshooting

The following fixes can help with iOS/iPadOS onboarding problems:

PROBLEM: While onboarding, Settings opens a browser that is not Safari. The page displays an error saying that Safari must be used.
TO FIX: Go to Settings, scroll down and select the non-Safari browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox), then change the Default Browser App option to Safari.  Restart the onboarding process by going to


PROBLEM: After connecting to WSU Guest and installing the Profile, the mini browser that pops up the use agreement loops back to the beginning of the onboarding process.
TO FIX: Restart the onboarding process by using Safari and going to


PROBLEM: The onboarding website is automatically selecting Catalina when trying to onboard an iPad Pro.
TO FIX: Manually select iPhone/iPad in the device dropdown at the bottom of the page.