At the Weber State University Health Centers, you will find a group of friendly and caring medical professionals who are committed to meeting the highest health care standards. Funding is provided through student fees and most services are available at no cost or low cost to students with a current WSU Wildcard.

List of Services:

  • Care for common illnesses and injuries
  • Lab Testing
  • X ray - $35 per film
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical exams and Pap Smears by appointment
  • Dermatological (Warts and Acne)
  • Reproductive healthcare, contraception and education
  • Healthy lifestyle information
  • Minor suturing
  • Ongoing care for chronic disease management
  • Referrals to preferred partners for outside medical care
  • Flu Shots, TDap and Vaccine referrals
  • TB Testing
  • Psychological medicine management
  • Consultation on disease prevention