New Graduate Programs

Proposing a New Graduate Program

The program proposal form can be found within Curriculog.  To access Curriculog, log into your eWeber portal and search for "Curriculum Proposals."  If you are unfamiliar with Curriculog, there are several training videos.  To access them, before clicking on the app "Curriculum Proposals" click on "Details" within that box and then on "More Information." This will take you to all of the training materials and tips for navigating the curriculum process.  The proposal form details the required information needed for a new program proposal including the following:

A graduate program proposal should "explain how (the) program will differ from similar offerings by other departments. Also explain any effects (the) proposal will have on program requirements or enrollments in other departments including the Bachelor of Integrated Studies Program. In the case of similar offerings or affected programs, you should include letters from the departments in question stating their support or opposition to the proposed program."

"A Master’s Degree program must have a minimum of 30 credit hours with a maximum of 36 credit hours."

Please also review the guidelines related to graduate programs at Weber State in PPM 11-1.

For any questions or assistance please e-mail the WSU Graduate Council at  You are also more than welcome and encouraged to attend Graduate Council meetings to get early feedback on your proposal before going through the full curriculum process.