Is Grad School for Me?

Who/what is a graduate degree for?

Meeting a standard: A graduate degree (typically a master’s) is a professional requirement in some fields.

Advancing your career: An advanced degree can help you earn promotion within your company or advancement in your chosen field, particularly in an increasingly competitive labor market.

Changing fields: Many people work in career fields unrelated to their bachelor’s degree, and others want to change their career track. A graduate degree can help, and often makes more sense than pursuing another undergraduate degree.

Which graduate degree is right for me?

The choice of graduate degree depends on your interests and career goals.

In most cases, you don’t necessarily have to pursue a graduate degree in the same field as your undergraduate degree.

What graduate degrees does Weber State University offer?

Is grad school for me?

Find out who chooses grad school and why, along with what program might fit you best.  

Do I have the time and money?

Discover the value of a graduate degree in today's job market, and explore the affordable and flexible options available at WSU.

How do I apply?

Learn about the general application requirements for WSU's graduate programs.