What Will I Learn?

The decisions made by health care managers improve the lives of thousands of people every day. Health care executives have a sense of purpose and mission: We care deeply about the people with whom we work, and we care deeply about the people we serve. Health care management is truly a field in which you can “do well by doing good.”

Areas of Focus

The MHA program at WSU meets the needs of working adults and prepares them for executive leadership in the health care industry. The MHA enhances management, interpersonal, technical and organizational skills and abilities. The program also intends to instill you with the desire and the skills of self-development, critical thinking and life-long learning.

Courses and Faculty

All courses are offered in a hybrid face-to-face/online, eight-week format on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at our convenient Davis campus. Courses are taught by an optimum blend of academic professors and working health care executives, and culminate in a final project resulting in a deliverable of importance and measurable value to a local health care organization. 

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