Wendy Fox-Kirk


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Wendy Fox-Kirk is an assistant professor of business administration in the Goddard School of Business & Economics. Her research interests include gender, power, leadership and identity aiming to address issues of disadvantage with a particular focus on women’s careers and the gendered organization. She has a BSc in Human Psychology, an MSc in Work Psychology & Business from Aston University, and a PhD from the University of Birmingham (UK). Wendy serves on the board for YWCA’s Real Women Run, and is a Research Fellow forUtah’s Women’s Leadership Project (UWLP). She has written book chapters including: Women’s leadership identity: exploring person and context in theory in The Handbook of Research on Gender and Leadership, and is published in the Journal of Strategic Management Studies, Advances in Developing Human Resources, and Critical Care Medicine. She is also a consulting editor for the Journal of Education for Business, and a guest editor for a special issue of Gender in Management: An international journal (Leadership in an age of #MeToo: Global Conversations).


Ph.D., Women's leadership experiences in higher education - University of Birmingham, UK

MSc, Work psychology and business - Aston University, UK

BSc, Applied human psychology - Aston University, UK


Philosophy, reading, gardening and jazz



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