Therese Grijalva

Professor of Economics

Office: WB 233
Phone: 801-626-7567

Therese Grijalva is a professor of economics in the Goddard School of Business & Economics. 

In 1993, she earned an MBA from Cleveland State University, and then worked in Chicago as a consultant for the HayGroup before returning to graduate school. In 2000, she earned her PhD in environmental economics from the University of New Mexico. 

Grijalva's research focuses on using surveys and experiments to determine the values and preferences individuals have for environmental goods and services. Some of her research has explored individual preferences for the safe minimum standard, a policy for preserving renewable resources, unless the social costs of foregone development are unacceptably large. Recently, she has used experimental methods to explore individual time preferences and how time preferences are influenced by beliefs and attitudes about climate change.

At Weber State University, Grijalva has had the opportunity to work with many economics students on undergraduate research projects. She also regularly teaches a course entitled Economics as a Social Science. The course demonstrates how economists analyze current social issues. In the 16 years that she has been teaching this class, she believes she has learned as much, if not more, than her students through course discussions and student interactions.

Grijalva has been an Eccles Fellow since 2006 in the Goddard School, and she received the 2013 Hinckley Fellow award from WSU.  

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