Jesse King


PHONE: 801.626.7828




Jesse King received his PhD from the University of Oregon. He worked as an assistant professor at Oregon State University, Cascades campus in Bend, Oregon before joining the faculty at Weber State University. 

His research focuses on affective decision making processes, risk perception, new product development/innovation and sports consumer behavior. King became interested in research as an undergraduate at Montana State University where he received two BS degrees in marketing and applied psychology. Before pursuing his PhD, King worked as an ethnographic researcher for a product development company, contributing to the design and usability of numerous medical, scientific and consumer products.


Ph.D.,  Marketing - University of Oregon, 2011

BS, Marketing - Montana State University, 2004  

BS, Applied psychology - Montana State Univeristy, 2004


Jesse enjoys the outdoors, including skiing, hiking, mountain biking, hunting and fly-fishing. King currently teaches principles of marketing, services marketing and international marketing classes.



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