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Vy, marketing '18VY TRINH

Marketing, '18

"Brett, I am so grateful for the time you spent reviewing my career objectives and for recommending strategies to achieve them. I am excited to let you know that I just got a job offer and will start the new job at Field Marketing Manager on Dec 1. Not only that, but you also suggest that I go to several career fairs on campus. Because of that, I got another job offer to work for the company after I graduate in April 2018.  Thank you so much for being such a good mentor and helping me realize my potential."   


I grew up in Vietnam and came to the United States when I was 19. That was the hardest decision that I made at the time; I chose to study abroad and looking for better opportunities in another country. I have lived here seven years, working full time, going to school part-time.

I moved from Texas to Utah and was looking for a university that affordable and flexible enough for me to work full time and go to school at the same time. I decided to go with WSU and have not regretted it!


There is always something new and excited about marketing. 


I became a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma which is an international business honor society.  At our induction ceremony, I was given the privilege to be a keynote speaker.  This was a HUGE step out of my comfort zone.  Through preparing and speaking I was able to find confidence in myself and grow to become more comfortable speaking to large groups of people. 


I had a great experience with Brett, director of the career service center. I came into Brett's office to ask for advice on my resume, he not only pointed out some of the things that could be done better, but he also asked me to bring back the resume after I fixed it. After four times of seeing Brett, I got a perfect resume. He has also done some networking for me by introducing me to different network of his contacts.  Because of his help, I ended up getting interviews with some of the big companies.  I am very thankful for what he has done for me!


I want the incoming students to know that the university will not give you a job, it will provide you with tools to get a job. Talk to the right people and use the great tools that WSU gave you to hustle and find a right fit for you.


I am starting my new job as Field Marketing Manager at Meridian Restaurant Unlimited, L.C. in 2017. 

I know that I am only starting but getting a step in the door is a huge accomplishment for an immigrant like me. The career services, especially Brett, helped me realize my full potential, help me choose the job that fit my skills best and opened up so many more opportunities for my career path.