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We understand that you love Weber State and the Goddard School of Business & Economics because of the small classes, personal attention by the faculty and staff, and the engaging, hands-on classrooms. Our faculty and staff have been working tirelessly to re-design our classes with the commitment to ensure we keep the personal touch, engaging environment, and most of all, the support you love and need, especially right now!  In order to help you see some of the innovative learning environments we've designed, take a look at the commitment from our dean, Matt Mouritsen as well as three videos below. You'll get a better understanding of how we're keeping our virtual classes "Virtually Engaging," our online classes with a personal touch, and our in-person classes safe!


Check out how we're delivering virtually, in-person, and online  






see what your faculty are doing to better serve you!   

  • DR. BRANDON KOFORD - Dept. chair of economics
    Professor of economics

    Commitment to: Personal Touch

    I provide lecture videos I developed for our course.  These are ideas I feel are most important for your learning. They are not the boilerplate videos that textbook publishers provide.

    I provide chapter outlines to give you a jolt of chapter material in a quick setting.

    Commitment to: Engagement

    Weekly discussions about economics in real world settings.

    Assignments that you can do multiple times to increase your score.

    Weekly announcements to cover sticking points and keep you updated about the progress of the course.

    Commitment to: Support

    Easy to schedule an appointment on Google Meet

    Response to student emails within 24 hours on weekdays, usually much faster.

    I love economics and I love to help students learn it. I know that not everyone is an economics major! That is okay.  I want to help you obtain your educational goals, whatever they are and whatever your major!

    Assistant professor of economics

    Commitment to: Personal Touch

    We do statistics to achieve practical results. You are sure to hear a lot about today’s Wall St., industry, government, social issues, even the electoral cycle, and how all of that works. 

    We reflect on the topics and do practice so that you can add these skills to your resume. Will you ever need it all? The answer has never been this clear.

    In this class, it’s not as much about getting the answer right. Rather, you learn which tools exist and what they are used for. You become a more powerful and interesting teammate. 

    Commitment to: Engagement

    Two 20-minute video lectures a week on Youtube. I keep them simple, structured, and to the point. Everything you need is on the screen. Not sure how I did something? Pause the video, shoot me a quick email and get a quick explanation.

    We do applied work – the goal is always a useful answer to a current problem. Something you hear in the news. I always show an example first. Then you use the same method in your problem.

    A set time once a week for all of us to gather on Google Meet and talk about the current chapter in the book, how to apply a tool in a practice problem, and current events. Hear the questions other people have – might be useful to you, too. If you can make it, great, if not, no pressure.

    Commitment to: Support

    My door is always open and I’m always there, happy to chat. Physically in my office (if the safety guidelines allow) and virtually, on Google Meet. We have one permanent link for our meeting space on Canvas. Just drop me an email that you want to work together and I’ll jump in.

    Videos are one interpretation of the textbook material, but you prefer to have notes of what you learn? I post a few Powerpoint slides to summarize every chapter. Print them out and add what you think is relevant.

    Everything, except the book, is on Canvas. Don’t know if there is an assignment due? If it’s not on Canvas, you don’t need to worry about it.

    Not sure what is on the test? Luckily, there is a practice test on Canvas – do it and turn it in along with the actual test for extra credit. There is also a study guide – if something is not on it, it’s not on the test.

    Instructor of accounting

    Commitment to: Personal Touch

    Class lectures twice a week, at a consistent day and time, using Zoom technology.

    Lectures that explain the material and provide examples using PowerPoint slides created to keep your attention and illustrate concepts.

    I believe your time is valuable and I try very hard to make the lectures relevant and helpful to the learning process.

    Commitment to: Engagement

    Collaborative learning experiences using Zoom Break-out rooms.  Concepts discussed in class, then groups of 3 to 4 students will work through examples and discuss.

    Online homework assignments that include check-my-work features, guided examples and multiple attempts to allow students the practical application of concepts covered during lecture.

    Discussion boards that reinforce concepts discussed in class and help us get to know each other better.

    Using Kahoot! and Polls during lecture to evaluate comprehension and to “change it up a bit” so class time is not just lecture.

    Commitment to: Support

    I know we all wanted to be on campus for fall semester.  That was our “Plan A.”  But even though that option is not available, I want you to know that I am committed to providing you with the best “Plan B” that I can and I am confident that we can make this work.

    Regularly scheduled virtual office hours and virtual appointments by request.

    Email responses to questions within 24 hours (weekdays).
    Exam “Road Maps” and “Knowledge Checklists” provided; students will know what is expected of them on the exams so that they can adequately prepare.

    Professor created PowerPoints slides with well-organized content and relevant examples.

    Class specific video to introduce students:

    ACTG 2020 Virtual Format Video

    Instructor of accounting

    Commitment to: Personal Touch

    My virtual class has been developed to give you the same experience and education as my face-to-face format.

    I am committed to you personally and want you to have a positive, successful educational experience at Weber State University.

    I look forward to meeting each of you and taking you on this journey together!

    Commitment to: Engagement

    Synchronous lecture – you will attend a live streamed lecture via Zoom at our normal lecture time.

    Lecture slides and handouts – will be posted on Canvas and will be used during lecture as a class or within groups to help reinforce the lecture concepts; yes, you will be working during lecture.

    Dry erase board – an iPad will be used as my dry erase board to draw out concepts.

    Zoom breakout rooms – will be used to complete small group assignments; this will give you an opportunity to meet and learn from others in your class.

    Got questions? During the Zoom lecture, you will be able to raise your hand, type in the chat or unmute yourself to ask a question.

    Commitment to: Support

    Canvas – will be the platform used to administer this course; all assignments, dues dates and lecture handouts will be posted. Announcements and discussions will be used to ensure fair and consistent communication to all students.

    Before and after lecture – you are encouraged to join the Zoom lecture 5 minutes prior to start; some students will hang out after lecture to ask additional questions.

    Unable to attend a lecture?  Lecture recordings will be available upon request.

    Virtual office hours – I will be hosting regularly scheduled virtual office hours and virtual appointments by request.

    Assistant professor of accounting

    Commitment to: Personal Touch

    Weber State gave us many options; I made an intentional choice of class formats that would help us maximize contact and learning. I chose synchronous meetings, which helps foster discussion and opportunities for us to ‘be real’ with each other rather than try to engage through recorded video messages.

    Plus, video meetings help us see each other in more comfortable environments that are unique to us – I’m hoping to meet a few children and pets throughout the semester.

    Commitment to: Engagement

    In ACTG 4510, I am implementing a new Discussion Board and, in ACTG 2010, discussion policies that will help us engage on a deeper level with each other and with the material.

    In both ACTG 2010 and 4510, students will discuss activities/cases in Breakout small groups, to build connections across students as well as engage in greater hands-on learning.

    In all classes, we will have polls – both content-related and FUN – so we can gauge where the class is at as well as learn more about each other.

    Commitment to: Support

    I’m coming right alongside ‘you’ [students] in this process; though I LOVE F2F classes, I am very excited for new opportunities and tools that are available in a virtual environment.

    In the first few weeks, all students will meet with me by video conferencing, so I can get to know each one on an individual level and learn every students’ goals and/or anxieties.

    Throughout the semester, I will offer ‘student hour’ sign-ups and run a student discussion board so students can get help with any questions or concerns as quickly as possible.


    Associate professor of economics

    Commitment to: Personal Touch

    Results from recent surveys at the national level and by Weber state strongly suggest that students want to return to class in person. My goal is to serve you all in the best way possible, so I am happy to run my classes in person. 

    We are going to have a unique ability to connect together this fall semester. Just seeing all of you in class and being able to interact will make the experience even more powerful given how isolating the last few months has been for many people.

    Commitment to: Engagement

    We will take the current pandemic and use it as an educational tool to understand how economics is applied to Covid-19 issues and beyond.

    Since we are face to face, I expect you to take advantage of the opportunity by participating in discussions, sharing your experiences and knowledge with the class, and learning together how to connect economics to your lives.

    Commitment to: Support

    We will work together to find class format and delivery styles that work best for everyone. This is an amazing opportunity to stretch ourselves and be creative together to facilitate effective learning environments. I am super excited to see what we come up with together!

    I also have made concrete changes such as a restructured attendance policy to be more flexible in case of illness of you or loved ones, and the creation of plans that are implementable immediately if we are forced to change mid-semester and go online.

    Ultimately, I want to respect and listen to you all as students. I want you to feel safe in class, and at the same time be able to have the best possible experience at Weber State.  

    Professor of management info systems

    Commitment to: Personal Touch

    Surveys of Weber State students indicate that 60% of students want F2F classes that are taught in a safe, interactive, and personal environment. This will be a highly interactive learning experience in a distraction-free environment.

    In all of my classes I learn each student's name the first day of class. F2F classes enable a personalized environment that helps students gain a love of learning, increase their earnings potential, and build their professional networks. The relationships you develop during your time at Weber State will help you get a job, learn about internships, learn about graduate school, get recommendations, etc.

    Commitment to: Engagement

    In this class you'll hear real-world stories and examples. You'll gain a greater understanding in a richer environment that includes body language, voice, and personal interactivity.

    In class, I encourage my students to ask questions, make relevant comments, tell personal stories, and be engaged in the course. 

    Commitment to: Support

    In my classes students receive support from classmates, learning centers, professor's office hours, tutors, and teaching assistants.

    I have dedicated office hours and am happy to meet one-on-one with students.

    Flexibility is key in this environment.  If we need to adjust, we'll adjust. I have a contingency plan already in place if we are required to go virtual at any time.