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Spencer, marketing '14SPENCER BOYCE

Business Administration, marketing emphasis, '14

Like some, Spencer knew exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up, a doctor, until... he was in his third year of pre-med courses at Weber and went to shadow a pediatrician and decided, "I hated it!"  So, on a whim, Spencer took the Goddard School's study abroad to Italy and there, he fell in love with the idea of marketing!

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"Me ending up at Weber was actually a mistake.  I was never supposed to come to Weber. My brother was like hey, let's go down to St. George and go to school down there and I was like ya let's do it, and then he ended up getting married. It kinda ruined my plans, so I just ended up at Weber.  It wasn't my first choice, but I'm so glad I ended up here because it was definately the best choice!"  

Spencer always wanted to be a pediatrician so he spent his first three years at Weber in the pre-med program.  During his third year he recalled, "I am going to go job shadow pediatricians see if I like it, and I hated it!  I really did not like dealing with sick kids all day long.  It was not what I expected it to be. I started re-evaluating things."  At that time, he remembered seeing a study abroad to Italy that the Goddard School was hosting.  So on a whim, he decided to take the opportunity.  While in Italy, he met some marketing students that were traveling with him.  "It started getting my gears turning, and once I got back, I enrolled in marketing courses and the rest is history! I am a marketer now, that's what I'm doing."


While on a Goddard School study abroad to Italy, Spencer traveled with marketing students who shared their love for the field.  He learned about the diversity in the career, the numerous different opportunites after graduation and how he could utilize his creativity and passion for people in his career.  Once he enrolled in the first marketing class after the trip, the rest was history, he was a marketer.


Spencer's biggest bit of advice is get involved in activities.  Although he waited until his last year, he spent nearly that entire year on campus making the most of all the activities he could.  That year he joined the Weber State University Student Association (WSUSA) where he was on the leadership team and ran their Wildcat Trainer program, he was also the vice president of the Marketing Club, "It was an amazing experience to work with all the students and do events and just plan little marketing tips and things we got to do."  Spencer also worked as an intern in career services.  "It was awesome!  If anyone can work in career services I would highly recommend it because that just gave me even more opportunity after Weber as far as internships go."


"When you go to other universities, you don't get the attention that the Goddard School offers you.  I had access to Dean Steagall on a daily basis. I could go to him and be like 'Hey dean I have a question for you' and he would sit down and talk with me. All my professors always had time for me and knew me by name. I do not think you could get that experience anywhere else. Because of that experience it offered me so many more opportunties to grow and get internships and jobs, even after graduation that I was so grateful for."

Wendy Fox Kirk, a professor in the Goddard School, was not one that Spencer had taken any classes from, but one that was incredibly influential and played a big roll in his career path.  Spencer started connecting with Wendy because he knew he wanted to go to graduate school in England.  Wendy is from England and had taught there prior to coming to Weber State University. "She had worked in a program in England and had come over here.  She was really helpful in answering my questions and I actually ended up going to the graduate school that she was at previously because of her help."  


"I did not get involved in any activities at Weber State or the Goddard School until my last year, which is so unfortunate and it's one of the things that I want to tell every student that comes to Weber, is get involved.  It is the best way to enjoy your college experience here.  Weber offers the best opportunities.  If you want to run a club, you can run a club. My last year I tried to stay on campus as much as possible."   


Spencer now works as a project manager over about 15 people including designers, copywriters, and a video team for a company in Utah called Unicity International.  He is heavily involved in the video team as well, "I help the video team produce all their commercials, so the fun part for me is I get to go out and find the coolest houses and book them, I get to work with talent, negotiate contracts with actors, we get to fly all over the US which is really fun, and I work on our international team where we do global conventions every year. Last year it was in Singapore and I helped plan the convention for 15,000 people which was amazing.  It was so fun to be there and see everyone come together and see all your planning for a year come to fruition, that start to finish thing, I love it!"