Student Stories


renato, mba '19RENATO ROMERO

I was born and grew up in São Paulo, Brazil. Early in my childhood, being raised by a humble and single mom, in a very poor and dangerous neighborhood, I tried to alleviate life's pressures by focusing on how I could be the protagonist of my life.  Searching for the best opportunities of studies and services was crucial to helping me not only be successful, but building a family that I'm proud of, helping others, pursuing a career and continuing self-development. I have had some opportunities to work, serve, and study that I had never imagined possible. I have had experiences in Latin America, North America, Europe and Africa. For the last 10 years, I worked for FranklinCovey where I started as an intern, then promoted to marketing manager, channel manager and finally consultant director. I´m very passionate with marketing and customer relationships, urban arts and teaching.  I have a dream to teach in at a University in the United States some day.


My first experience with Weber was a blast, not only because it is a great university with so many resources available for students, but also because I had a very personal and human-to-human experiences.  When applying for an MBA, Andrew Wright saw my potential and conducted the whole admission process focusing on developing my greatness. I'm really greatfull that I found a University that shows respect and consideration to me and is willing to help me to execute my dreams.


I studied in Brazil with a major in marketing.  Marketing is a vibrant field of study with so many possibilities and also helps the society (clients and organizations) have a better experience, understand how they can satisfy their needs and go beyond the possibilities. This quote best describes why I love connecting solutions with people needs:

"People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole." - Levitt


I'm a co-founder of PROJECT JOULE, an NGO that provides better employment and education opportunities for underprivileged individuals in Brazil through a platform that connects experienced mentors with those in need. In one year, we helped more than 1,500 people, recruited more than 300 mentors, published dozens of articles, promoted several events and talks and reached 8,000 followers on social media.


The experiences I had with faculty and staff are the main reason WSU has totally exceed my expectations! The ISSC and MBA office are in a true partnership with the students, giving all the support to help students overcome any challenge they are facing while studying. About the faculty, this is where the WSU/Goddard School goes above and beyond. They have the intention and capabilities to put the student as the main piece in the learning process, which is amazing. After years of working with the greatest names in leadership theory, it is at Weber that I found the deepest discoveries in leadership.  My professors are also helping me connect how these theories are really applied to the business world in a successfully way.


There is no MBA that teaches you how to build Uber or to become a CEO, but the greatest discoveries happen when you break your own paradigms, otherwise, you can not develop new behaviors that will drive you for new results. This is what you should be open to; changing your paradigms.


The reason I’m pursing an MBA is to improve my self-development as a whole person and there is no other experience better to me in this moment. I´m building a great network, connecting with world class companies and improving my business skills.