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masters of business administration '20

“The MBA program, specifically, targets their education to the working professional, they understand the amount of responsibility on each students’ plate, and they help to create an environment where we can still achieve our educational goals. As a student, I felt valued


I originally started out my schooling at Utah State University, as I lived in Cache Valley. While I did enjoy my time there, I felt as if I were just another fish in a very large pond of students within the business school, and getting face to face time with some of the professors was difficult. After some research, I looked into transferring to WSU/Goddard as the class sizes were smaller, the employment placement rate with WSU graduates was phenomenal, and career opportunities while attending for my MBA were much better due to the location. All of these factors led me to Goddard, and it was the best decision for me by far. 


I completed my MBA in April of 2020. One of the main reasons I opted for an MBA is the broad amount of opportunities it opens up and creates in a career path. I feel that working toward an MBA with WSU/Goddard prepares someone to work in various roles and instills fundamentals in all facets of business such as marketing, HR, finance, leadership, supply chain, economics,and so on. It translates across multiple titles and career paths, regardless of what industry may interest someone. There is a great emphasis on understanding the ins and outs of successful business strategies, as well as understanding people, teams, and what makes for a successful work environment. I know that all fundamentals in business are beneficial to leadership roles I would like to aspire to. 


Goddard School truly focuses on the learning experience for each student. The smaller classes are set up to form relationships and create success. As cliché as it sounds, the professors at Goddard School want the best for all of their students, and it shows. The communication, discussions, and student involvement in their curriculum leaves you with lasting relationships well beyond your schooling years. The MBA program, specifically, targets their education to the working professional, they understand the amount of responsibility on each students’ plate, and they help to create an environment where we can still achieve our educational goals. As a student, I felt valued.


Shaun Hansen has impacted the way I approach trust, and the importance it plays in personal and business settings after learning about the Stakeholder Trust Model. As future business leaders or entrepreneurs we have social responsibilities that go along with our bottom-line. I have always cared about the state of the environment, but Shaun has challenged my thinking on what benefit and responsibility I have on a personal level as a leader with integrity and the stakeholders in mind.

Jennifer Anderson helped me to completely restructure the way I approach understanding people and teams, as well as how I set personal goals and expectations. In Organizational Behavior you will learn so many valuable things, but one of those lessons revolves around understanding how the individual and teams form an organization. To understand how to be impactful leaders and team members we first need to understand people. She created an open discussion environment that encouraged all thought-processes and opened my eyes to understanding the “why” behind people and their behavior. She has also helped me to truly discover another one of my passions, education, opening up the idea of potential career changes.

Matthew Mouritsen provided such an engaging learning experience. There were so many valuable lessons learned in his course, however, one will remain with me for the entirety of my career more so than other lessons. He taught us the value of transparency, honesty, and knowing the balance between work and home life. Organizations are made up of employees, and understanding that we have needs above and beyond our daily work life is vital. Happy employees impact so many facets of a company and their bottom-line. Never forget that a successful organization keeps that in mind. 


My advice to anyone who is contemplating pursuing an MBA is to GO FOR IT! A phone call to the MBA program contacts can make a world of difference. I cannot stress the difference it has made in my life. An MBA can open up so many doors of opportunity no matter the career path you hope to follow, and creates a wonderful environment to network with individuals who you will likely show up again throughout your career. It is most definitely worth it.


The MBA program with Goddard has drastically impacted where I am today.I have been able to grow in my career path due to being more marketable, and look to career broaden into other roles in the future. I approach communication with teammates differently, including those hard-to-have conversations. I’m better prepared to strategically solve or positively impact work bottlenecks and constraints. I feel equipped to help make decisions that truly impact the bottom-line positively while keeping the Stakeholder Trust Model in mind. I have networked with fantastic individuals who I still consider friends today, and many of those I have crossed paths with in my professional life as well. I have not met a single individual who regrets choosing the MBA program with Goddard, it has been an extremely positive experience for me and my future path. I encourage anyone on the fence about an MBA with Goddard to reach out to the MBA program points of contact, you will not be disappointed!


During my schooling I worked part time for an accounting firm to gain more finance and accounting experience. After finishing my Finance undergrad with WSU/Goddard, I started working at Hill Air Force Base (AFB) as a financial analyst. Currently, I work as the Lead Financial Manager for the Software Engineering Group at Hill AFB, which I wouldn’t have been able to obtain without having completed my MBA. Leadership positions become more and more competitive, and an MBA with Goddard helps provide opportunities for growth and career broadening. 


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