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erin, economics '17ERIN FACER

Quantitative Economics, '17 (check out Erin's research)

Erin grew up in Salt Lake City. Weber State wasn't her first choice so she started her education elsewhere in Logan, but made the change of her life when she got married and moved to Ogden to be with her husband.  It wasn't the change she expected, but it ended up being an experience of a lifetime, one she never would have received elsewhere.  "The teachers are all very friendly and they care about you and know you on a first name basis, I didn't feel that at the other school that I attended." 

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Erin grew up in Salt Lake City and was a driven student who went to college right after high school graduation.  She spent the first half of her education at Utah State University studying statistics and economics.  When Erin got married during the course of her education, her husband transferred to Weber State.  She had considered going to the University of Utah, but "I chose not to because they didn't really have a degree that quite fit the degree that I was interested in.  I had a talent for math, I was interested in economics and so quantitative economics was a perfect fit. That degree wasn't offered at any of the other schools that I was looking at."

"They put all of their energy, their money and their focus on helping develop good people more so than just students.  They want us to graduate, but they want us to be good people that have a strong impact and influence in the places that we go after college." 


Upon transferring, she found that the Goddard School of Business & Economics had a degree in quantitative economics which combined her love for math and statistics with economics, so she got the best of both worlds, it was a "perfect fit". 


Erin was asked by her professors if she would be the co-president of the Economics Club.  "That was an incredible opportunity fo me.  That helped me build relationships with the faculty, it helped me build relationships with my peers, which I hadn't done yet.  When I transferred here I just kind of kept to myself. I went to class and went home and didn't really talk to anybody.  Having that opportunity to meet with people on a regular basis, and being in a role where I was forced to talk to people and get to know them and to help them feel welcome made a big difference in the classroom.  I was really able to get to know them and get to know their backgrounds, their stories, where they were headed.  It's given me opportunities to stay in contact with them now.  It has also given me a lot of opportunities to get to know other faculty members outside of my department and just really get involved and be everywhere in the Goddard School."


Business and industry night is an event hosted by the Goddard School on an annual basis where multiple employers are invited to come and get to know the students.  Because of this event, as the president of the Economics club, Erin was able to help connect the club with the employers and provide even more opportunities to her peers.

Because Erin also worked as the office assistant for the Goddard School's career advisor, she got to know of all of the job opportunities and events. "I was in Pat Wheelers office when she got the announcement for a job offer from Hill Airforce Base which was perfect for me.  I had been looking for something that was a little more math based rather than just economics or finance and I was in her office when she found it.  She had a really good relationship with Hill Airforce Base, so she was able to hand deliver my application, get it right to who needed it and then she was able to prep me on interviewing and really giving me the inside scoop on what I was up against and what I had to look forward to."


"I would have gotten involved a lot sooner than I did.  I would have been involved in the clubs right away rather than waiting to be asked to join, I wish I would have taken initiative to get involved in student clubs right when I got here."


Because of the incredible support from the Career Center, Erin got the dream job she was hoping for at Hill Airforce Base.  Straight out of college, she is working as an operations research analyst where she does cost analytics for any repairs, replacements or enhancements on the airplanes.