Student Stories



Master of Taxation '17

I grew up in Taylorsville Utah until my junior year of high school, where I had the opportunity to attend three high schools that year. I was an “at risk” kid who happened to make good choices. My education did not come until I was a mother of two and my second child was just 2 months old in 2002. However, I had been involved in a major accident where I was thrown from a horse in 1999, it was during this time that I remembered my desire for learning and that I should take advantage of each day to learn and grow and ultimately become the best version of me. I completed my BS, while working fulltime and completing my first decade in my financial career. My education is what helped me to obtain knowledge and information, but I was also becoming more confident and self-sufficient to create my own future that I wanted realizing my education was a key driver for my activities. The graduation ceremony was a family celebration, because it took each one of us being dedicated in obtaining my education. During the ceremony I must have been drooling over the hooded caps draped over the gowns because when I looked over at my husband he was talking to himself and shaking his head, so I quickly walked over to him where he said, “if you are going to get a master’s degree it needs to be sooner than later, so we can get the school thing over with.”


I chose Weber State University because of the Master of Taxation program that is overseen by Ryan Pace.


The non-profit and estate tax course specifically was of interest. After working with money for two decades I wanted to take my skill set and focus on long term outcome for both family and community.


I was able to participate in the Chicago trip with Professor Malone, which was invaluable to me as I was transitioning in my career. This helped me see the many opportunities that my experience and new degree would be able to offer companies and my family.


Ryan Pace, he is an invaluable talent and wealth of information. As a professional in finance, where I have read many articles of organization and tax returns each one of his courses I was having “ah-ha” moments in them for past experiences and future opportunities to serve clients and my community.


Read material before class, this is the best way to be able to ask questions and take advantage of learning from each professor.


I am now working as a Family Wealth Strategist, where I get to work with families who have complex financial structures and estate planning exposure. My degree has been invaluable because it helps me to mentor my clients, so that they become the best decision makers and help them to create the future they want for themselves, their families, and their communities. 

The experience at the Goddard School has helped me by providing me with additional knowledge that I am able to help others.