Employer Resources

Schedule On-Campus Recruiting

On-campus interviews begin October 1 and continue through the first week of December for fall semester graduates. Spring semester recruiting for both spring graduates and summer interns takes place between February 1 and mid-April.

To schedule an on-campus recruiting visit, call the Goddard School Career Center at 801-626-7914.

Complete the Recruitment Information Form

Once you have scheduled your on-campus recruiting date, please email pwheeler@weber.edu with the following information:

  • Name of organization
  • Name, title, phone, fax, e-mail and address of the individual responsible for recruiting arrangements
  • Names and titles of interviewers
  • Indicate whether you will be interviewing in fall or spring semester, day of the week, month, day and year you will be interviewing
  • Indicate whether you will interview December graduates or May graduates
  • List the academic majors you are interested in interviewing
  • Indicate whether or not you are willing to interview for co-op/internships and what academic standing (i.e., freshmen, sophomore, junior or senior) is eligible for these internships
  • Interviews begin at 8 a.m. with the last interview of the day beginning at 3:45 p.m. This schedule allows for 13 30-minute interviews; please indicate any desired variation to this schedule
  • Indicate if you need audiovisual equipment or refreshments ordered for a pre-scheduled evening information session

You may have a pre-selected schedule where applicant credentials are sent to you in advance and, upon review, you choose the candidates you wish to interview. Or, you may have an open schedule where the candidates who meet the specified criteria may schedule interview appointments on a first-come, first-served basis.

We will accommodate your specific scheduling needs per your request. A typical interview consists of 13 30-minute interviews beginning at 8 a.m. and ending at 4:15 p.m. This includes a 15-minute break in the morning and afternoon and 1:15 for lunch.

Send Position Descriptions

Email descriptions for each position for which you will be recruiting to the Goddard School Career Center as soon as your recruiting date is confirmed. This information will be provided to students. Position descriptions should be detailed and include your organization's website. Any corporate literature you wish to send should be addressed to:

Pat Wheeler
Weber State University
Goddard School Career Center
1337 Edvalson St Dept 3801
Ogden, UT  84408-3801

Evening Receptions

Many employers wish to host an evening presentation prior to the day of interviews. These are normally held in the WSU Career Services Center and begin at 6 p.m. Arrangements for refreshments and audio/visual equipment may be made for you by the Goddard School Career Center, per your request. Sodexo holds the current food contract for the campus, and your organization will be billed for the cost of refreshments. Because a large population of our students are married, their spouses or significant others also are encouraged to attend evening receptions.