Team Information


There are several types of events held during the FTC tournament season. Before any event, make sure your team and robot are prepared.

  • Scrimmages: Teams can host their own scrimmages. These are an opportunity for teams to collaborate with other local teams and work on the robot or programming. Typically, there is a field to use, but there is no judging, score keeping or awards.
  • Qualifier tournaments: Utah FTC has three qualifying tournaments.  Teams must compete in at least one UT qualifying tournament to earn an invitation to advance to the Utah FTC Championship.
  • Championship Tournament: Usually held in February, the Utah FTC Championship Tournament is the highest level FTC competition in Utah.
  • Super-Regional Tournament: Teams advance from regional- or state-level championship tournaments to compete at one of four super-regional tournaments. Utah is part of the West Region.
  • FTC World Championship: Qualifying teams from the Super-Regional Tournaments are invited to attend the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship.

Regardless of the event, please read the Utah FTC Event Cancellation Policy.

Grant & Sponsorship Opportunities

Visit the FIRST website for information on grants offered to rookie teams. 

UTFTC offers limited grant money for rookie and returning teams. As money becomes available, we will share details on our website. 

Teams may approach schools, districts, and companies, both local and national, to solicit sponsorship to help defray the costs associated with competitive robotics. 


Many colleges and universities, professional organizations and corporations recognize the importance of the tremendous knowledge and technical and life skills FIRST students gain from participating. There are typically hundreds of individual scholarship opportunities available.

For more information, check out the FIRST Scholarship page.