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How to Start a FIRST Tech Challenge Team


STEP 1: Register & Review Your Resources!

Create a new FIRST account at

STEP 2: Build Your Team

You'll need up to 15 students and a meeting place to build your team.

Parents/guardians may apply to join.


STEP 3: Budget Your Year

FIRST registration costs $275 annually. The kit of parts for a rookie team is approximately $1270 + shipping. The Utah FTC Qualifying Tournaments cost $50 and the Championship costs $100. Additional costs for your team include tranportation to events and extra parts that may be desired.

If your team earns a place at the Super-Regional Championship in Tacoma, WA additional costs will include travel, food, etc. 



STEP 4: Gear Up for Your Build Season

FIRST is a community that grows together. Build relationships at our Utah events and check out teams across the nation and world. Consider inviting  subject specific mentors who can help your team on its journey to visit.

Mentor's manual    Networking Tips


STEP 5: Participate in Utah FTC events

Kick-Off, Build Days, and Scrimmages are all waiting for your team to participate in.  Don't worry if your robot is still in the box at your first event, other teams are happy to help you get it moving.  You can also contact other teams to plan local, informal build days and scrimmages.

STEP 6: Register for Utah Qualifiers and Championship 

Utah will host three or more Qualifying Tournaments this season (Park City High School, West High School and Southern Utah University).  To advance to the championship competition, teams must earn a place through competing successfully at one or more qualifying tournaments. 

The Utah FIRST Tech Challenge Championship Tournament will be held February 10, and will host 36 top teams!