Fingerprinting Office FAQ and Policies

How do I get my background check done?

Follow the instructions given to you by your program.  You may have been sent a letter, sent to a website, or given instructions by your professor about how to complete your criminal background.  Fingerprinting is just one short step of the entire criminal background check process.  If you are unsure about what to do, contact your professor or program advisor about where to go and what to do.  If you are still TOTALLY LOST, stop by the WSU Moyes College of Education Fingerprint Office (ED 022) during our hours of operation and we will point you in the right direction.

What do I do if I am sick on the day of my appointment?

Stay away if you have a cough with a fever, early and active signs of a cold or the flu.  You can reschedule your appointment by contacting the Teacher Education Advisement Center (801-626-7694).  If you have a contagious illness and are not able to be fingerprinted during the semester appointment schedule, contact your program's director to determine what options are available.

I was not fingerprinted to work/volunteer at school ABC.  Why do I need to be fingerprinted now?

State and Federal laws related to specific programs determine whether an individual a) requires a criminal background check; and b) whether fingerprints are required as a component of the criminal background check.  Example: if you work in a school in Utah and have unsupervised contact with a student in the school who is not your own child, you are required to have a criminal background check, including fingerprinting, to perform those duties.  If you acted in that capacity and were not fingerprinted, you, the teacher and the school administration may be in violation of Federal and Utah state law.

 If you have questions about why you need a criminal background check, or why you are required to be fingerprinted for a criminal background check, please contact the requesting authorized agency (e.g., Utah State Board of Education, Chilc Care Licensing Division, Americorp, etc.) for additional information.

Where do I pay my fees for background check fees?

You are generally paying 2 different fees for the criminal background check.  Fees for the authorized agency are paid online, over the phone, or in person with the agency.  The Fingerprint Office charges a separate $20 fee for LiveScan fingerprinting services, paid at the WSU Cashier's Office on the 2nd floor of the Student Services Building.  We cannot process financial transactions in the fingerprint office.

Check the gray box on your application, or talk to your program advisor or professor to see if fees are required. Some programs have special arrangements with the fingerprint office for fee payment.

Do I have to pay twice if I need to be fingerprinted for two different classes in one semester?

No.  Unfortunately, there exists an unique situation where a student may have to be fingerprinted for two separate programs as part of their educational program.  To alleviate the financial burden caused by this situation, please make back to back appointments on the schedule.  The Fingerprint Office will charge only you the $20 fee once.  This discount does not apply if your fingerprinting is provided on different days.

What is your refund policy?

Unless an egregious mistake was made on the part of our office or our WSU program partners, we do not authorize refunds for the $20 fingerprinting fee.

Can I get a refund if:

  • I missed my appointment?
  • I didn't make an appointment?
  • I went to another location to have fingerprinting done?
  • I paid fees that I didn't need to pay

NO.  You make your appointment first, then go and pay your fingerprint fee.

I'm a faculty/staff in the Department of PQR.  Do I have to pay the fingerprinting fees?

Yes and no. Faculty and staff doing university-related work for programs in the Moyes College of Education are exempt from the $20 Fingerprint Office fee.  You will still need to pay any fees required by the authorized agency requesting your background check.  Examples include: faculty renewing teaching licenses, faculty from departments doing student teaching observations, or staff teachers in the Melba S. Lehner Children's School.  If you are a WSU faculty or staff member, and have questions fingerprinting fees, please contact Dr. Brent Horn. (801-626-8843 or

We are not a substitute for the WSU Human Resources Office, which is responsible for the criminal background check related to your employment with WSU. 

It is really expensive to get my fingerprints done.  Why?

The major portion of the fees you pay go to the authorized agency.  Those fees cover the cost retrieving and analyzing your criminal record information (CRI). Some authorized agencies require by law, long term storage of your fingerprints for continual monitoring of your CRI, known as RAP BACK.  There are additional costs with the databasing and monitoring of fingerprint files.  The usage fee of $20 is set by the Dean's Office in the College of Education.  It is comparable to other LiveScan sites in the community.

Form?  What form?

You will be given, or directed to an application form that includes a billing code (looks like B####), information about the Fingerprint Office fee, for the WSU Cashier's Office, and spaces for you to enter information about yourself.  The order and format of the information on the form is exactly what is required by the Utah BCI to process your criminal background check.  This form also serves proof of payment for the WSU College of Education fingerprinting services.  Take it with you to the WSU Cashier's Office; they will stamp it.

The fingerprint office does not have copies of the required forms.  See your program for the forms and authorizations.

Do I need anything other than just the form?

Maybe.  If you have been given an authorization letter for fingerprinting, such as the letter from USBE or BEMS, you need to attach the letter to your application.  Otherwise, you only need the authorization signature in the gray box on the top portion of the form, as well as proof of payment.  If you did not get the WSU Cashier's Office to stamp your form, or you took the wrong form to the WSU Cashier's Office and they stamped that, you will need to bring proof of payment with you (receipt or other form with stamp).

The guy at the office scratched out my current middle name.  What gives?

According to training we were given by Utah BCI, a maiden name is never a middle name.  We will ask for any middle names that are listed on your birth certificate.

Where do I make an appointment?  Can you take walk-ins?

All appointments are made through the Teacher Education Advisement Center located on the second floor of the McKay Education Building, room 230.  You may also call the center during normal business hours, 7:30 am-4:30 pm, at 801-626-7694.

Some programs, such as Athletic Training or Emergency Care & Rescue, will arrange special fingerprinting times for their students.  Consult with your professor or program advisor for an appointment.

Because of limited staffing in the fingerprint office, we only fingerprint by appointment during the early weeks of Fall and Spring semester.  If an emergency arises outside the regular schedule, your program advisor can help direct you to fingerprinting services.  

If you are a WSU program that needs fingerprinting services, please contact Dr. Brent Horn to discuss your needs and see if the Fingerprint Office can assist. (801-626-8843 or

I missed/was late for my appointment.  What now?

Scheduling for the day closes 1 hour prior to the first appointment.  Appointments are valid up to 15 minutes after the scheduled time.  If you are late, you can wait around to see if the staff can squeeze you in. No guarantees.  You can also reschedule in the Teacher Education Advisement Center.  Even if the schedule is not full, the staff will not wait around fingerprint office for the entire allotted time, and may leave during unscheduled appointment slots.  

Please be on time.

No refunds for missed appointments.

If you are early for you appointment, we will serve you in the order of appointments on the schedule.

What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?

  1. Valid ID.
  2. Completed application form from the program you are being fingerprinted for.

What kind of identification will you accept?

Government issued photo identification such as a drivers license or passport (preferred).  It must be currently valid (not expired or punched).  Temporary licenses from the Utah DMV are a valid form of identification.  Your WSU ID or social security card are not valid ID.

Do I need to give you my social security number (SSN)?

Maybe.  Utah State Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) does not require a SSN to process a criminal background check.  However, some agencies cannot process the rest of your criminal background information, such as connecting your licensure application to your criminal record information, without the SSN.  If your fingerprinting application form says "required" next to the SSN, then you have to disclose it.  If you are a foreign national without a SSN, and the form says "required", please notify the fingerprinting staff.

I prefer not to give you my national origin/gender/other biographical information. What do I do?

In some cases, we may be able to mark "unknown", or other responses beyond the traditional traits used for biographical description.  It if is a required field, we must put something in the field to be able to transmit your fingerprints to BCI.  Defer to your driver's license or passport information if you are in doubt.  If you refuse to supply information for a required field, either in writing on your application or a verbal statement, then we will not collect your fingerprints.  A verbal statement of "Please mark unknown", provided by you at your appointment, is acceptable if it is a possible option.  The fingerprint office staff will not "guess" at your traits; you must supply the information.  

Will my hands be all messy when you are finished? How do I clean off the ink stains?

No.  You are in luck.  We do not use ink in our office.  We only do LiveScan fingerprinting.  Your prints will be optically digitized and sent to Utah BCI electronically.  We do not generate inked fingerprint cards in our office.  The FBI cannot accept ink  cards anymore.  Only on very rare occassions do we need to ink a person.  If an inked card is sent in, it must first be digitized before the criminal background can be done.  If you have the option, get them done digital.  It is much faster and results are better.

I was just fingerprinted by someone else for XYZ program/license. Can't I just use that?  Why do I have to do this again?

No. State and Federal laws prohibit the sharing of criminal record information (CRI) with anyone but the authorized agency that requested it.  Example: if your CRI was sent to Davis School District to work as a janitor, then DSD is the only one allowed to have your CRI.  You will have to have another criminal background check, to have your CRI sent to USBE for your teaching license.

Additionally, the authorized agency that received may be limited in the methods they are allowed to share the contents of your CRI with you.  For example, since you are not the authorized agency to receive your CRI, the authorized agency may be able to tell you over the phone what findings are present, but they may not be able to show you a copy of the CRI, or write in an e-mail what was found in the CRI.  This includes telling you that there are no findings on your CRI.  The Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification can provide you a copy of your CRI, as well as assist you in correcting or expunging your record. (

Can I go somewhere else to get my fingerprints done for a WSU program?

Maybe.  If you receive a fingerprint authorization letter from the authorized agency requesting your criminal background, such as USOE or BEMS, then you can take that letter to other locations for fingerprinting.  For example, the Ogden School District can fingerprint you if you have a letter from the USBE.  Be careful though, if you need LiveScan or digital fingerprinting, not all external sites, such as a police department, can provide digital transmission services.  Some programs at WSU, such as background checks for the Melba S. Lehner Children's School or Americorp, should only be done at WSU because of special arrangements we have with the authorized agencies.

Can I get a copy of my fingerprints?

No.  Our office is not equiped with a fingerprint card printer to give you a copy of the fingerprints collected.  We do not provide inked fingerprint card services.

Students in the JKL program at WSU need fingerprinting services.  Can you fingerprint them?

Our office is committed to providing WSU students with fingerprinting services for their WSU educational programs. Please contact Dr. Brent Horn (801-626-8843 or to set up services with the Fingerprint Office.  We will create specialized paperwork and instructions to help guide your students through the criminal background process.

I am not with a WSU related program. Can I get my fingerprints done at your office?

Our office is committed to providing WSU students with fingerprinting services required for their WSU educational programs.  WSU students have first priority on our appointment schedule.  Because of our limited appointment schedule, it is recommended that you find other arrangements for fingerprinting services.  If you are an off-campus entity and wish to inquire about potential services, please contact Dr. Brent Horn.  (801-626-8843 or

The Care About Childcare (CAC) office is closed. Can you take my fingerprints?

No.  Even though we share facilities with the CAC program, our office cannot collect and transmit your fingerprints.  The CAC program has additional information they need to collect prior to fingerprinting.  Please contact them for an appointment at 801-626-7837.

Where can I direct compliments about the Fingerprinting Office?

You may send all praises about the fingerprint office equipment, staff, policies and fees to the Dean of the College of Education.