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PAW Place Roles

There are three main roles in PAW Place.

A shopper can "shop"  and fill the shopping cart with items from the 

  • Punchout Catalogs,
  • Non-catalog Order Form,
  • Membership, Registrations, and Dues Form, 
  • Petty Cash Form,
  • Mileage Form,  and
  • other forms in PAW Place.
These items become lines on a Requisition.  A shopper cannot submit the requisition into the approval system.  They must forward the shopping cart to a Requestor or an Approver to place the request.

A Requestor has all the same rights as a shopper.  In addition, they can finalize a shopping cart and submit it to the approval queue to complete a requisition.  Requestors authorize that the payment a necessary University expenditure.  By submitting a requisition, the requestor "electronically" authorizes that the expenditure is in compliance with University policy for the purchase or payment.   This authorization is not the same as an approval.  (See Approver below.)

For example, supervisors must authorize the reimbursement of petty cash, mileage or memberships for an employee per policy.  The a shopper (employee) can prepare the cart (request) and forward it to their supervisor.  The supervisor can then "Submit Requisition" which authorizes the transaction.

An Approver has all the same rights as a Requestor.  In addition, they have the rights to approve the use of the funds to pay the requisition.  Depending on the type of request, the requisition may go directly to the supplier to be filled or to a buyer or other individual to complete the request.

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