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PAW Place Guides

PAW Place is now available.  Look for the PAW Place app in eWeber to link to the site.
How to Process...  (Click on the bold text for a How to guide for each topic below.)

Cost or Quantity Receipt (PDF):

  • A cost receipt is used when the purchase order is a drawing account or it’s flagged to receive multiple/progress payments.  They are also created to approve that amount to be paid to a supplier.
  • Quantity receipts are used by departments to receipt the quantity of the items received if the items are delivered to an office rather than going to Central Receiving. 
Punchout Catalogs:  Select the supplier and shop.  When you have finished shopping and items are added to your cart, you can "Proceed to Checkout" or "Assign Cart."  

Purchasing Forms:
  • Non-Catalog Request (PDF)
  • Membership, Dues and Registrations (PDF)
  • Venue, Event and Banquet Reservations (PDF)-
  • Performance and Speaker Form--Use this form for speakers, performs, guest artists, etc.  Do not use this form for event or party activities/rentals.  These types of services should be requested on the Non-catalog form. 
    • Standard Performance/Speaker Contract (PDF)--This contract must be signed by an individual at WSU that the authority to sign the contract.  Contact Purchasing for more information.  DO NOT SEND SIGNED CONTRACTS DIRECTLY TO THE VENDOR. The purchase order and the approved contract will be sent to the speaker/performer by Purchasing. Please note, if there is a need to edit WSU's Standard Performer/Speaker Contract, it may require approval from Risk Management and/or The Office of General Counsel. If the performance or speech has already occurred do not use this form, use the After the Fact Form
Accounts Payable Forms:
  • Individual Payment Form--Use this form to pay for honorariums, prizes and awards for individuals outside the University. This form should not be used for employees or businesses.  
  • Mileage Reimbursement
    • Mileage Log (Excel Sheet)  Use to track mileage.  Drop-down lists to help calculate miles from WSU Main and Davis to several destinations.
  • Petty Cash (PDF)
  • Tuition Payment/Reimbursement (for approved non-WSU courses)--Use this form to submit request's for tuition payment or reimbursement for employees. This form is not for Weber State University benefit tuition payments. Employees, spouses and qualified dependents must use the WSU Tuition Benefit application located in the eWeber portal.
    •  If a department agrees to pay tuition and fees to WSU, that is not part of the tuition benefit received, use an indepartmental transfer for form to pay the amount and send it to the Bursars' Office (Ryan Boam).
After the Fact Purchase Form (PDF):
  • After the Fact Purchase--Use this form to request payment of invoices for goods and services that have already been ordered and received.  
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