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Making Purchases Using The P-Card

The cardholder is the only person authorized to make purchases using their P-Card. Do not give the card or card number to anyone else to use.

  • Determine that the P-Card is the most appropriate method to use.
  • Make sure the items are not on the Restricted Items List.
  • Be certain that the total amount will not exceed card limits (including shipping and handling). Do not split a transaction into small amounts to avoid dollar limits on your card.
  • Determine that the price is the best you can obtain.
  • Ensure that no sales tax is charged.
  • Obtain itemized receipt at time of purchase.

Sales Tax Exemption - SALES TAX EXEMPT NO. 12179945-002-STC

It is the cardholder's responsibility to ensure that no sales tax is charged when making a purchase with the P-Card. If sales tax is charged in error, the cardholder must request a credit from the merchant as soon as possible. The University is usually exempt from ALL sales tax, even when purchasing items from out-of-state suppliers, because the application of sales tax is determined by the location of the buyer. A copy of the Utah State Tax Commission Exemption Certificate is available from the Purchasing Department.

Food and Business Meals, Awards, Gifts, Flowers

P-Cards may be used to purchase these items provided the purchases comply with policy restrictions (See PPM 5-25j).

Food purchases (restaurant or grocery) made in accordance with the above referenced policy must be documented by a receipt, list of participants, meeting purpose, and are subject to supervisory approval. The information may be documented on the receipt or on the optional Purchasing Card Hosting Documentation Form. (PDF)

Food purchases in excess of $150 - All purchases of food products in excess of $150 for events that take place on campus must be provided by the food service company - the current provider is Sodexho. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved in advance by the company's General Manager and the Shepherd Union Director.

Purchases made by Phone, Fax, Mail or On-Line

By Phone, Fax or Mail - Follow general instructions for making purchases listed above

Phone: Use the Purchasing Card Telephone Order form (PDF) (necessary in case an itemized
receipt is not received). If the supplier requires a PO number in addition to your credit card
number, give them the number AMST-_____ (last 4 digits of your p-card number).

Fax: Retain a copy of the order form and fax confirmation for your records. You are urged NOT to mail the original to the company to prevent a duplicate order. If the company does require that the original be sent, clearly mark it Aconfirmation@ and Aorder placed by fax.@

Mail: Retain a copy of the order form and the address to which it was mailed. Request a receipt for your records.

Internet Purchases: It is recommended for making a purchase over the internet, that it is with a company you know is reliable and/or have used traditional procurement methods in the past. Be sure the website is a secure site. If you are not comfortable giving your number over the internet, some companies allow the option of placing the order on-line and following up with a card number by telephone. Do a Screen Print of your order confirmation for documentation purposes if the option to print is not made available to you.


Restricted Items List

P-Cards are not to be used to purchase the following RESTRICTED items:

  • Advertisements for personnel recruiting (staff or academic)
  • Alcoholic beverages (Unless purchased in conjunction with a meal where the business purpose is employee recruitment or donor development.  Beverages purchased for this purpose must be reallocated to non E&G funds.)
  • ATM withdrawals (only available for pre-authorized foreign and/or group travel)
  • Construction/remodeling (contracted)
  • Controlled substances (prescription drugs, narcotics, etc.)
  • Computers
  • Donations
  • Equipment items exceeding $1,500 (department is responsible for keeping records of model and serial number on equipment items less than $1,500)
  • Ethyl Alcohol
  • Fines, late fees or penalties
  • Firearms
  • Furniture (i.e., bookcases, chairs, desks, file cabinets, modular furniture, tables, etc.)
  • Gasoline (for personal vehicle)
  • Interest/finance charges
  • Lobbying costs
  • Lodging or housing (unless authorized for travel)
  • Maintenance agreements exceeding $1,500 per year
  • Purchases of any amount that require a contract be signed by the institution (Submit a requisition to comply with contract approval requirements)
  • Radioactive isotopes
  • Split transactions (vendor makes two charges to keep under a limit)
  • Student tuition, scholarships or stipends
  • Telephone equipment or installation on campus (regular or cellular)
  • Travel (unless authorized for travel)
  • Tuition for employees
  • Vehicle rental locally (allowed at destination only, with supervisor approval on pre-authorized travel)

Note: Unless authorized for travel, there is a Merchant Category Code [MCC] restriction on all University P-Cards that specifically restricts the purchase of automobile rentals, airline tickets, and hotels/motels.


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