Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • What is your address?
    Campuses & Locations
  • I need driving directions to WSU
    Weber State University Maps
  • Where is your lost and found?
    The primary lost and found is at the Information Desk in the Shepherd Union. Often, individuals will turn items into department secretaries near where you lost the item, so it’s always a great idea to check there first.
  • Is there an ATM on campus?
    Yes. Weber State Credit Union offers a branch on campus in the Shepherd Union (second floor). There are three ATM locations in the Union: Weber State Credit Union, America First (bowling alley), and Wells Fargo.
  • How much is a Wildcard, and where do I get one?
    $10 for the first Wildcard and Wildcard’s are purchased at the Information Desk in the Shepherd Union.
    More about Wildcard 

  • What can I use a Wildcard for?
    Wildcard website

  • How do I add money to my Wildcard?
    Secure website to add money to Wildcard
  • Do I need to replace my Wildcard if I'm now a graduate student?
    No, you will be able to use your same Wildcard as long as you are a student at Weber State.
  • What is the eWeber Portal?  
    WSU's eWeber portal is a secure single sign-in web site that allows you to access your email, personal information, grades and academic standing, as well as apply for scholarships, financial aid and pay your tuition and fees.  Go to click on 'Current Students,' then log into eWeber with your Wildcat ID and password.

  • What is my Wildcat ID?
    New students must create a Wildcat ID (WCID) to register, view grades/transcripts and access many other student services. Go to to sign up for your Wildcat ID (WCID). If you encounter any problems, call Computer Services at 801-626-7777.

  • Where can I print my homework?
    Printing locations for Computer Labs and mobile printing options.  There are a few individual departments that can also assist with printing, but to find out if someone does for sure, you will need to ask that department directly.
  • Where can I fax something?
    You can send faxes at the copy center in the Shepherd Union. The cost is $1 per page.

Researching Weber State University

Admissions/ Registration/ Payment

  • What are the tuition costs for individual programs?
  • How do I apply to Weber and what are the requirements?
    • Go to, select your student type and you will be taken to the application.  To be admitted you generally need to fill out the online application, pay a $30 application (not necessary for readmitted students, can be paid online with the application), provide official high school transcripts, and official college transcripts from each college attended.
    • Concurrent students, just the application and the fee
    • Non degree seeking students, just the application and the fee
    • Early College Students
  • What test scores do I need to be admitted to WSU, and how do I submit them?
    Test scores are not required for admissions to WSU; however, these are used for things like your math and English course placement.
    Specific admissions requirements for Weber State
  • How can I pay my application fee?  
    • Online (at the time you apply only)
    • Mailing a Check to the Office of Admissions (be sure to include your name and date of birth)
      Admissions Office
      1137 University Circle
      Ogden, UT 84408-1137
    • Calling Cashier's Office at 801-626-8006
    • Coming in person to the Cashier's Office
      Student Service Center, Room 209
    • More about the application process
  • How do I set up a payment plan?
  • How do I know when my admissions application has been accepted?
    You will receive an acceptance packet in the mail within a week of your acceptance to WSU.
  • Where can I find admissions deadlines?
  • Where can I find class registration deadlines?
    Office of the Registrar
  • How do I register for classes?
    Login to your eWeber Portal and search for "register for classes" to find the registration app. The app has tutorials if you need them.
  • How do I get my official transcript?
    • Log into your eWeber Portal and do a search for “official transcript” and follow the prompts, you will be directed to the National Student Clearinghouse.
    • Or if you are not a student please go directly to the National Student Clearinghouse for ordering. If you have questions please call the Registrar's Solution Center at 801-626-6100.
  • How do I transfer my transcript?
    • From WSU: Log into your eWeber Portal and do a search for “official transcript” and follow the prompts, you will be directed to the National Student Clearinghouse.
    • To WSU from other colleges: have official transcripts sent from other colleges to the Admissions office and we will add that credit to your WSU record.  This process can take several weeks.
  • Why is there a hold on my account?
    If there is a hold on your account go to the Record Holds channel in your eWeber Portal to get more information, including what the hold is for and who can help you remove it.

  • Where do I go if I have questions about an account balance for tuition?  
    You can go to the Cashier's Windows in the Student Services Center, visit the following website, email or call 801-626-8006

  • I am undocumented. How can I enroll at Weber State?  
    We have a great website for our undocumented students with information on everything from HB 144 to contact information and websites about the steps to applying to Weber State.  

  • Where do I get proof that I am a student here?  
    Enrollment Verification 
    The most convenient way to obtain an enrollment verification is to log-in the eWeber Portal. Type "enrollment"  in the search box followed by clicking the search icon.  Click on the Official Transcript application.

Tech Support

  • My password doesn’t work.
    You can go to the password website or call 801-626-7777 for help.

  • How do I reset my password?
    Reset your password 
    When will I be prompted to change my password?

  • How do I find out what my username (Wildcat ID) and password is?
    Get your Weber State Username 
    If you are not immediately provided with your password, you can go through the “forgot my password” process at
    When will I be prompted to change my password?

  • What is a W#, and how do I find out what my W# is?
    A W# is your student id number while you’re at Weber State. This number is important for a wide variety of things at Weber State.  You can locate your "W" number after you log into the eWeber Portal in the "Personal Profile" channel.

  • How do I get on secure wireless?
    Detailed instructions on how to connect to the wireless networks on campus.

  • What is Canvas?
    Canvas is the online learning management tool that many of your professors will use for their classes. You can find information about assignments and due dates and even your grades for some classes. To log in, you can go to the Canvas app in your eWeber Portal or go to and log in with your Weber State username and password.

Tutoring/ Studying

  • Where can I get a tutor?
    There are a variety of tutoring locations on campus with all kinds of different subjects available to be tutored in.  
    Get Academic Help

  • Where is the Math HUB?
    You can visit the Math HUB on the main floor of Lampros Hall.

  • Is there tutoring at the Davis Campus?  
    Yes, there's tutoring in math, writing, and various other subjects.  You can drop in or make an appointment. See the Davis Learning Center website for more information or call 801-395-3569 for an appointment.

  • Where can I study on campus?
    Places to Study

Courses/ Grades

  • What do the different letters on my class locations mean?
    • WSS= Farmington
    • WSUD= Davis
    • WSUW= West (Roy)
  • How many credits do I need to take each semester?  
    This answer can vary for each individual student.  A great place to start is to meet with your advisor to talk about your degree requirements.
    Find your advisor

  • How do I drop a class?
    Go to the registration website to learn more about how to drop a class.

  • How do I switch my classes?
    You can change your classes through the eWeber Portal by searching for the Register for Classes application. Within that application, you can change your classes.
  • What is the deadline to drop a class and get a refund?
    For the exact date please review the academic calendar for the current semester.

  • How do I know what classes to take?
    If you are a new student, you will be meeting with an academic advisor at orientation (an orientation experience is mandatory - see orientation dates). If you are a return student, contact your academic advisor on campus.

  • When will grades be out?
    Grades are due the Tuesday after finals week from the instructors but are not viewable until posted, which is the day after grades are entered by the instructor.

  • I don’t agree with the grade that I got.  What should I do?
    If you don’t agree with the grade received you will need to contact the instructor first.  If you still disagree, you can always contact the department chair and then the dean of your college.

  • What textbooks do I need for my classes, and how do I purchase them?
    Go to Click on the “Textbook” tab and then login to your student account to view what textbooks your courses require and how much those textbooks cost at the Wildcat Store on campus.

  • Where can I see my class schedule for the semester (with room locations)?
    Log-in to your eWeber Portal. Once logged-in you will search for Register for Classes (Add/Drop) in the search bar inside the portal. Once you are on the screen where you can search for new classes, there will be a section of the screen in the bottom left where it says “Schedule Details.” Once you click on this tab you will be able to see all the information for each class as well as where they are located.

  • How will I know what to do for online classes?
    You can access your online classes through Canvas. You can access Canvas through the portal or at  Your individual instructor is also very likely to email you prior to class beginning; however, it’s always a great idea to go ahead and check Canvas ahead of time.

  • What do I need to bring for the first day of class?
    For the first day of class, it’s always a great idea to bring a notebook and something to write with.  If you have already purchased your books, you can bring those too. It’s a great idea to log into Canvas and see if your professors have suggested anything specific in the announcements section, and you may even want to skim the syllabus if your instructor has posted that online.

Shepherd Union

Parking Services/Transportation

  • Is parking free during the semester break?
    During the break the "W" lots are open and will not require a parking permit.   All "A" lots are still enforced during this time and a permit is required.

  • Where are the shuttle bus stops and when do the buses run?
    Shuttle Buses at WSU

  • Where can I park for big events?
    If you have a parking permit.

    If you do not have a permit, there is a pay parking lot for events during enforceable parking hours.

    Enforceable parking hours: Permits are required and Meter Areas enforced Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. After parking hours, no permits are required for W and A parking lots, except in marked reserved areas and A-1 lot.

  • How do I get the bus pass? How do I use my UTA Ed Pass? How do I reactivate/renew my UTA Ed Pass?
    Directions for purchasing or renewing UTA Ed Pass

  • Parking - where to park, how much, where to buy a parking pass, times, etc.
    Parking Services

  • How do I pay a parking ticket?
    Pay Parking Citation

Financial Aid/Scholarships

  • What is the deadline for my submission?
    Get up-to-date deadline information.

  • How do I fill out the FAFSA?
    You can complete the FAFSA at  Find help for completing the FAFSA through FAFSA Frenzy. Make sure that you also complete Weber State’s financial aid and scholarship application

  • When will my money get to my account?
    Disbursement generally occurs the week before the semester begins, but it may vary, depending on the type of aid. Get more information on each type of aid.

  • I have a scholarship, but am going to be gone for two years. What should I do?
    Deferring admissions and scholarships 

  • Does FAFSA pay for books?
    FAFSA is one of the forms that students fill out to see if they are eligible for financial aid.  When financial aid is disbursed at the beginning of each semester, it is applied to a student’s tuition and fees.  In instances where additional funds are disbursed to students, these funds can absolutely be applied to books.

  • How does financial aid pay for my tuition?
    Financial aid is generally disbursed the week before classes begin. This is applied directly to your tuition and fees, and if you have leftover funds, these will be disbursed to you.  To see how much financial aid you were or will be awarded,  your award information is also displayed on-line. Log-in to your eWeber Portal, click on the STUDENT SERVICE tab, then locate the FINANCIAL SERVICES links, then select OVERALL AWARD INFO; ACCEPT & REVIEW AWARD OFFER BY AID YEAR.

  • How do I apply for financial aid and scholarships?
    You will first need to complete the FAFSA at  Make sure that you also complete Weber State’s financial aid and scholarship application. Some departments also have separate scholarship applications that you can complete.  Check with your individual department and/or their websites to see if these sorts of scholarships are available.

    Student Affairs Scholarships

  • How can I be qualified for Work Study?
    To be eligible for work study, you have to have completed the FAFSA application, which is the same application that you complete to receive most forms of financial aid at WSU.  You have to have financial need as demonstrated by that financial aid application and you must be enrolled at least half time with your tuition and fees paid or or a payment plan set up.  More information about financial aid.

  • Now that I have submitted my FAFSA and WSU Financial Aid applications, how can I know the status of my Financial Aid?
    The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office will notify you of your financial aid status through our on-line student portal, eWeber. Once you are in the portal, go to the STUDENT SERVICE tab, then to the FINANCIAL SERVICES links to see the OVERALL STATUS. The Financial Aid Department encourages students to become familiar with this site, checking frequently for updated information.

  • How do I find out what my final financial aid award will be?
    Notification that your award offer has been made will be sent to you through your Wildcat email account, which is also accessed through the eWeber portal.  Your award information is also displayed on-line. Log-in to eWeber, click on the STUDENT SERVICE tab, then locate the FINANCIAL SERVICES links, then select OVERALL AWARD INFO; ACCEPT & REVIEW AWARD OFFER BY AID YEAR.

  • Will I be sent any information through the regular postal service mail?
    Due to postal delays and old address information, the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office no longer uses the postal service (with limited exceptions) for correspondence. All information, applications, and documents relating to financial aid can be easily accessed through the eWeber Portal. Simply click on the STUDENT SERVICES tab, then the links listed in the FINANCIAL SERVICES box. We encourage you to check this site often during the financial aid award year since your account information could be updated at anytime.

  • What makes a student dependent?  Why would my parents need to provide their income information?
    To see if you are considered a dependent student, go to: and answer the questions. If a student is considered dependent, by law the parents income information is necessary. If extenuating circumstances exist (such as abuse, abandonment of the student) contact our office for additional help. A parent's unwillingness or refusal to contribute to educational costs or provide income information is not, by itself, a basis for extenuating circumstance.

  • I probably don't qualify for aid.  Should I apply anyway?
    Yes. Many families mistakenly think they don't qualify for aid and prevent themselves from receiving financial aid by failing to apply for it. There are a few sources of aid such as unsubsidized Stafford and PLUS loans that may be an option.

  • Is it possible to receive financial aid for all three semesters during a school year? If so, how do I request summer financial aid.
    Yes. It is possible for a student to receive financial aid for all three semesters. If you have received financial aid for fall and spring and would like to be considered for summer PELL grant funding, simply register for summer classes. We will be awarding PELL funding to eligible students. If you are interested in a Stafford loan for summer, print out and complete the appropriate "Student Loan Supplemental Loan" , then submit both forms together. We will begin processing these requests once summer registration is open. Both forms are also available at our office.

Testing Centers

  • What are the Testing Center hours and what is the latest I can start a test before closing?
    See the Testing Center website for hours. Students will be given one hour past closing time to finish tests.

  • Which Testing Center should I go to?
    There are Testing Centers across the Ogden campus and at every Weber State campus including Davis and West. Computer based testing is located at all sites (faculty members will usually refer to this as ChiTester). Find Testing Centers and hours.

    Your professor may request a specific Testing Center based on testing needs such as a paper test. Please check with your professor to see if you need to go to a specific Testing Center.

  • How do I take a test at the Testing Center?
    What you need to know to take a test.

  • I need to take the Accuplacer, where do I start?
    For the Accuplacer test specifically, information can be found at The Accuplacer is no longer the primary math placement tool used by Weber State.  Find information on math placement.  



  • Where do I go if I have questions about an account balance for housing?  
    You can go to the Cashier's Windows in the Student Services Center, visit the following website, email or call 801-626-8006

Continuing Education

  • Can you give me more information about Lifelong Learning courses?
    Lifelong Learning courses are courses that WSU offers to anyone in the community without applying for admission.



  • Where can I get an on campus job? Where can I find a job while I am a student?
    All hourly and work study positions at WSU are posted at Many departments also have activity waivers and scholarships.  Jobs both on campus and in the surrounding community can be found on the Career Services website. Check out jobs and internships in Student Affairs.

  • When is the Career Services office open, and what services does the office offer?
    Hours as well as information on how to schedule appointments can be found on the Career Services Website. For a complete list of resources, visit the Career Services Student page.

  • How can I be qualified for Work Study?
    To be eligible for work study, you have to have completed the FAFSA application, which is the same application that you complete to receive most forms of financial aid at WSU.  You have to have financial need as demonstrated by that financial aid application and you must be enrolled at least half time with your tuition and fees paid or or a payment plan set up.  More information about Work Study 

  • How do I schedule a meeting with a career counselor?
    Please call their office at 801-626-6393 to schedule a career counseling appointment. Their counselors can help you with:

    Choosing a major
    Researching careers
    Finding a job
    Resume writing & interview preparation
    Networking skills
    Graduate school preparation and application

    Find more resources regarding Career Services 

  • Where do I go to have my resume reviewed?
    You can find information on designing your resume on the Career Services website. You can also schedule a specific appointment to meet with a career counselor and have your resume reviewed by calling 801-626-6393.

Computer Labs

Student Involvement