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We want to acknowledge the following individuals and groups for their contributions and support for Families Alive 2021:
O.C. Tanner Corporation
The Jerry & Vickie Moyes College of Education
The Department of Child & Family Studies
Child & Family Studies Advisory Board
The Packer Center for Family and Community Education

Production Staff

Dan Hubler
Darcy Gregg
Tanner Koons
Nathan Bingham


Amberly Lambertsen
Tanner Koons


Scott Peterson
Ryan Belnap
Jeremy Harvey
Sydnie Knowlton
Alan Ferrin

WSU Online & Continuing Education

Charles Elzinga
Shane Farver
Melissa Meyer
Kirsten Bateman
Nicole Schweppe
Amber Spatig

Planning Committee

Melina Alexander
Teri Henke
Brogan Stampick
Ryan Dunn
Sally West
Wei Qiu
Danielle Orozco
Chloe D. Merrill


Peter Lovatt
Jennie Taylor
Wei Qui
Aspen Florence
Julee Smith
Robert Hunter
Stacy Bernal
Brandon Burr
Kara Shade

Paul Schvanveldt
Ashley Randall
Gale Gorke
Alex Collopy
Andrew Chris
Sheila Anderson
Vivian Hardy
Mark Homer
Jordan Barrett

University Marketing and Communication

Alison Hess
Jordan Wise

Planning Committee

Lindsey Sweatland
Carrie Ota