Spot Award Tracking

Procedure Number: P02
Issue Date: February 24, 2012
Last Revision Date: February 24, 20

Facilities Management Spot Award Guidelines

This procedure provides and outline of how spot awards will be administered in Facilities

Division Guideline Recognition for Outstanding Performance

Spot Award: An immediate, non-monetary gift that a supervisor uses to recognize an
Administrative Services staff member (including part-time/hourly employees). Types of spot
awards include: gift certificates, clothing items, event tickets, etc.

Responsible Party:
Director of Facilities Business Services or designee

Any employee in Facilities Management (FM) may be nominated for a Spot Award by giving an
outstanding performance in the workplace. The following process ensures that Spot Awards are
properly tracked and administered in FM:
1. A co-worker or manager observing an outstanding performance in the workplace will
nominate the employee by completing the “Spot Award Nomination Form” found on the
FM website under “FM Forms.” 
2. The nomination form will be sent to the nominee’s manager. An email may be sent if
email is preferred, in which case the email will include the following information:
a. Employee’s name
b. Date of nomination
c. Nominee’s name
d. Nominee’s manager/supervisor
e. Reason for nomination
3. The cumulative amount for Spot Awards may not exceed $50.00 per employee per fiscal
year, or the exceeding amount will be taxed. The FM Budget Clerk will review Spot
Award log sheets for each month during the fiscal year to ensure the nominee does not
exceed that amount.
4. The nominee’s superintendent or manager will purchase the Spot Award on a Purchasing
card (P-Card).
5. The manager/superintendent will retain the receipt and sign for the award on the “Spot
Award Log Sheet” at the time the award is given. The log sheet and receipt will be
included in the documents for the manager/superintendent’s monthly P-card
6. The P-card Clerk will scan the Spot Award log sheets for each manager/supervisor and
retain them in a folder for the fiscal year.