After Hours Procedures for FM Warehouse



Procedure Number: OP05
Issue Date: January 18, 2012
Last Revision Date: January 18, 2012

This document defines the procedure for after-hours issue of materiel or supplies from the
Facilities Management Warehouse.

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS): Database that Facilities Management
uses as a work management system.
Facilities Management Warehouse: The storage area where essential parts and supplies are
received and/or housed for campus maintenance, work order and project requirements.

Responsible Party:
Facilities Management Warehouse personnel

The Facilities Management (FM) Warehouse will be the first source of supply for all materials
and supplies used by FM staff in performing their duties. All materials and supplies issued by the
FM Warehouse will be recorded on an open FM work order.
Occasions may arise when materiel and supplies are not available in the FM Warehouse and
cannot be obtained in a timely manner in order to support the work requirement. The FM
Warehouse manager will determine if materiel or supplies cannot be obtained. In such situations,
FM staff is authorized to purchase supplies or materials from commercial vendors. Obtaining
materiel or supplies from commercial vendors must be noted on the work request in the CMMS. 
The FM Warehouse will accurately account for all maintenance/project materiel and any other
items procured from the Facilities Management Warehouse.
Regular FM Warehouse hours are weekdays from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. In the event that an
after-hours entry is required of an FM employee to complete a task, the following procedure will
be executed:

A. After Hours Procedure for Procuring Items from the FM Warehouse
1. The FM craftsperson will perform a query in the CMMS to determine if the part is in
stock at the FM Warehouse and learn the location of the item. (See Appendix 1 for
Material Request/Search guide).
2. The FM craftsperson requiring material will visit the FM Heat Plant and sign in with
the location and nature of the emergency work.
3. The Heat Plant operator will provide access to the FM Warehouse for the craftsperson
and escort the technician/employee in and around the FM Warehouse.
4. The craftsperson will complete the paper counter release form with the following
a. “W” number and name of the employee
b. Work order number (or a work request will be created as soon as possible
c. Date and time of release
d. Part number and quantity taken
e. Description of the work, location and a notation that the work was after hours
f. The FM craftsperson will sign the paper counter release form
5. The Heat Plant Operator will enter into the Heat Plant Log Book the date, time and
name of the person they escorted through the FM Warehouse
If a work order does not exist for materiel required after hours, the Heat Plant operator will
verbally report via telephone to the FM Customer Service representative all of the information
required in Section A., Item 5. The FM Customer Service representative will enter a work
request into the CMMS at the beginning of the next business day. The FM Warehouse technician
or materiel manager will record the materiel from the paper counter release on the appropriate
work order within one business day.

B. Procuring Items Unavailable from the FM Warehouse
1. In the event that materiel is not available from the FM Warehouse, the FM
craftsperson will work the emergency situation into a “safe” condition and may delay
permanent repair until the next morning when the FM Warehouse is able to procure
the item.
2. The appropriate superintendent/shop manager will be contacted if the situation cannot
be placed in a “safe” status until the part is obtained. 
3. The superintendent/shop manager may be required to use their purchasing card to
obtain the item in order to “safe” the situation.
4. At the time of the emergency, the suppliers may be closed. Supervisors will be aware
that additional charges may be applied to have the supplier respond to a need by
opening the business for a materiel or supplies.