Expect The Great 2022: March 26 at Snow College


Expect The Great will be a place for community, a place for aspiration and growth and a place to celebrate.

Black Minds Matter

CELEBRATING 10 YEARS: A decade of promoting excellence, and college and career readiness

students at ETG conference

What is Expect The Great?

Expect The Great is a free conference for African, African-American and Black students in Utah focused on college and career awareness and readiness.

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students at ETG conference

Expect The Great Schedule

This year's 2021 event is virtual. Check out the sessions and experiences that focus on preparing you for college and life after college.

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students at ETG conference

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Join us for Expect the Great, the college and career readiness event for Black, African, and African-American students and communities in Utah.

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Over the last year in America, we have witnessed turbulent events that strike at the core of our consciousness, individually and collectively as a nation. We must ask ourselves, “Do we want, as a country, to finally live up to the words of the preamble to the U.S. Constitution?”

If we want to achieve the goals set out above, we must build a strong foundation for, connect with, invest in, and empower those who have been historically marginalized. We truly cannot move forward while leaving behind a people who sacrificed their lives and few resources to make this country a wealthy nation.

Join other students who look like you in a range of empowering sessions about student leadership and engagement, college and career preparation, financial aid and scholarships, and life after college.

The event is a safe space to build up, connect with, invest in, and empower our Utah Black students. Join us!


 | Contact: Adrienne Andrews adrienneandrews@weber.edu