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Student Resources

We do not offer major courses or have office hours during the summer semester. If you are looking for advising or have registration questions, please read the following. Please include your W# in all email and phone correspondences.


College Advisor:

Major advisors:

Current Students

You should contact your advisor for any of these questions:

Transfer Forms

ET Transfer Credit Petition
ET Transfer Credit Petition Example
Mechanical Engineering Technology Transfer Credit Policy  


Declare or Change Your Major

Email your W# and major to

Blocked from an ET Course?

Do you have the pre-req done, but the registration system is blocking you?
You don’t have the pre-req done, but you want to get into a class?

Follow these steps:

  1. Contact the professor teaching the course via email or during office hours.
  2. Include your name, W#, course, and CRN in all email correspondences.
  3. If they approve, have the professor do an override for you.
  4. Register for the class.

If your class is taught by an adjunct professor, email Wendi Birch |
If the class is not within ET (MATH, PHYS, ENGL, etc.), contact that department.

Waitlisting Closed/Full Courses

Registrar’s Office: Waitlist Information