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Manufacturing Engineering Technology: 
Production Operations & Controls Emphasis


MFET: Production Ops and Controls advisor:
Rick Orr
801-626-7514 or

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What You Will Learn

Gain knowledge and skills in manufacturing processes, including process planning, tool and machine design, material selection and treatment, process automation, manufacturing resource planning, Six Sigma methods and tools, and lean manufacturing.

State-of-the-art laboratories give you hands-on experiences with CNC machine tools, robotics, programmable logic controllers, systems integration and the latest in CAD/ CAM systems.

Year-long senior projects have included aquaponics, renewable energy research projects and other topics that help apply your technical education and develop skills in teamwork and human relations.

The study of engineering technology requires a knowledge of mathematical, scientific and engineering principles with an emphasis in applications-oriented engineering activities.


Starting Salaries

Starting salaries vary depending on the region, workplace and skill level. Associate's graduates can expect to receive starting salaries
that range from $30- 50,000. Bachelor's degree graduates typically receive offers starting at $50- 75,000.



Employment Opportunities

Associate's degree graduates are qualified for a variety of positions in industry, particularly in machining, inspection and other manufacturing-related jobs. 
Bachelor's degree graduates are hired as field engineers, tooling engineers, production engineers and quality personnel for companies such as AutoLiv,
Boeing, Beckton Dickinson, Lockheed Martin, Parker Hannifin and Thiokol, as well as a variety of small companies.
For employment information please contact Kim Ealy.