Sustainability Courses at Weber State University

Course Inventory: Sustainability Courses Offered

ATTC 3760: Advanced Automotive Technologies
ATTC 4760: Alternate Fuel Systems
BSAD 3330: Business Ethics and Environmental Sustainability
BTNY  1403: Environment  Appreciation
BTNY 2413: Introduction to Natural Resources Management
DET 3000: BIM and the Green Built Environment
ECON 1100: Environmental Issues and Economic Policy

EET 2180 Solar PV Systems

EET 2190 Solar PV Technical Assessments

EET 3100 Renewable Energy

EET 3180 Advanced Solar PV Systems

English 3520: Literature of the Natural World
GEO 1060: Environmental Geosciences
GEOG 4410: Land Use Planning: Techniques and Practices
GEOG 3060: World Environmental Issues
GEOG 4420: Advanced Planning Techniques
GEOG 4890: Cooperative Work Experience - course that works with K-12 to identify sustainable, natural and cultural resources in local neighborhoods
History 3270: American Environmental History
ZOOL 3500: Conservation Biology
ZOOL 4480: Aquatic Ecology




Course Inventory: Courses that Include Sustainability:

ANTH 3100: Prehistory of North America
ANTH 3300: Archaeological Field Techniques
ART 2015: Drawing on the Land
AUSV 1000: Introduction to Automotive Service; includes pollution prevention
BSAD 3330: Business Ethics & Environmental Responsibility
BTNY 1303: Plants in Human Affairs
BTNY 2104: Plant Form and Function
BTNY 2303: Ethnobotany
BTNY 2413: Introduction to Natural Resource Management
BTNY 3214: Soils
BTNY 3454: Plant Ecology
BTNY 3523: Marine Biology
BTNY: 3473: Plant Geography
BTNY 4113: Plant Evolution
CHEM 4550: Geochemistry
CMT 1210 Residential Methods and Materials of Construction
CMT 1310 Commercial Methods and Materials of Construction
CMT 3260: Mechanical and Electrical Systems
CMT 3630: Environmental Issues in Facilities Management
CMT 3660. Energy Management
DET 1350: Residential Architectural Design
English 2010: Intermediate Writing (Some sections are SR)
English 6030: Ecocriticism and Nature Writing
GEO 1065: Environmental Geosciences Lab
GEO 1130: Introduction to Meterology
GEO 4150: Environmental Assessment
GEO 3010: Oceanography & Earth Systems
GEO 3080: Water Resources
GEO 3880: Groundwater
GEO 4150: Environmental Assessment
GEOG 1300: Places and Peoples of the World
GEOG 1400: The Science of Global Warming: Myths, Realities, and Solutions
GEOG PS 1000: Natural Environments of the Earth (Multiple sections each year)
GEOG 3050: Weather and Climate
GEOG 3070: Wetland Environments
GEOG 3080: Arid Lands
GEOG 3360: Economic Geography
GEOG 3740: Geography of Africa
HAS 4620: International Health and Health Care
HE 2400: Art of Emotional Wellness
HIS 4120: The American West Since 1900
HON 1500: Perspectives in the Physical Sciences
HON 1510: Perspectives in the Life Sciences
HON 1520: Perspectives in the Social Sciences
HON 1530: Perspectives in the Creative Arts
Honors 1540: Wilderness and American Literature
Honors 3900: Water, Resource, Issue, Metaphor
IDT 2010 Sustainability I: Textiles and Soft Materials
IDT 3030 Sustainability II: Materials, Hard Surfaces and Specifications
MACC 6580: Internal Auditing; includes environmental auditing
MBA 6110: Tools for the Ethical Manager
MBA 6570: Business Strategies for Environmental Sustainability
MBA 6700: Managing for Environmental Sustainability
MBA 6710: Accounting and Finance for Environmental Sustainability
MBA 6720: Environmental Economics for Sustainable Business
MBA 6730: Consulting Project in SustainabilityMICR 3403: Tropical Diseases
MICR 3484: Environmental Microbiology
MICR 3502: Environmental Health
MICR 3753: Geomicrobiology
MFET 2860: Plastics/Composites, Materials and Properties
MFET 3350: Plastic and Composite Manufacturing
MFET 3550: Manufacturing Supervision; includes environmental issues
MFET 3750: Welding Metallurgy I
MFET 3760: Welding Metallurgy II
MFET 3870: Mold Design and Process Strategies
MFET 4610: Senior Project Planning and Estimating
PHYS 2090: Environmental Physics: Energy and Power
PHYS 2600: Laboratory Safety
POLS 4750: Public Policy Analysis
PSY 4050: Evolutionary Psychology
REC 3600: Outdoor Adventure Recreation
SOC 3300: Environmental Sociology
ZOOL 1010: Animal Biology
ZOOL 1020: Human Biology
ZOOL 3730: Population Biology
ZOOL 4650: Ichthyology
ZOOL 4660: Herpetology  

Departments Offering Sustainability Courses


Automotive Technology
Business Administration
Computer Science
Construction Management Technology
Engineering Technology
Health Administrative Services
Political Science
Visual Arts