Past Events

  • Two winter-sport themed films: Generations: A Skiers' and Snowboarders' Perspective on Climate Change, and Breaking Trail, a film about helicopter-free backcountry skiing. Wednesday, January 11, 2011  Informational Flyer

  • Tom Zeller, Jr. - The New York Times Environmental Editor
    "Climate Change and Environmental Responsibility"
    Informational Flyer
  • Tim DeChristopher - Bidder 70  - University of Utah Student
    • On December 19, 2008, Tim DeChristopher, a 27 year old University of Utah economics major, disrupted a BLM oil and gas lease auction.  
    • Informational Flyer
  • Conservationist and Guggenheim Fellow - William deBuys
  • Investing in Nature and People: Ecosystem Services and Water Fund Projects - Dr. Rebecca Goldman
    Information Flyer