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  1. 50 Participation Points (one time): Confirmation of participation in the Public Relations and Marketing Competition by submission of Chapter Information Sheet by chapter representative
  2. 100 Chapter Member Submission Points: Per chapter member video submission to the competition (collect valid name, chapter affiliation, email address, phone number and school of individual)
  3. 75 Non-Chapter Member Submission Points: Per non-chapter member video submission to the competition (collect valid name, email address, phone number and school of individual)
  4. 50 External School Points: Promotion at each University outside the one your Chapter belongs to
  5. 25 Traditional Media Points: Each story picked up by traditional media outlets your Chapter worked to secure
  6. 25 Collaboration Points: Per each additional club(s), department(s), organization(s), business(es), etc., engaged by the competing chapter that promotes the Outdoor Weber competition to a college student base (provide verifiable proof - SEE BELOW)
  7. 15 Weekly Submission Points: Weekly results delivered ON TIME (Fridays at noon) by chapter representative
  8. 5 Social Media Influencer Points: Promotion through each social media influencer's platform(s) secured by your Chapter's efforts
  9. 1 Engagement Point: Per 15 student responses received (provide verifiable proof; SEE BELOW)
  10. 1 Reach Point: Per 50 students reached (provide (provide verifiable proof; SEE BELOW)

    ** Tie breaker: number of commitments to upload videos and then total engagements if needed **


To ensure legitimacy and fairness, WSU requires validity of campaign reach, engagement and video submissions. Proof may include the following:

  • For video submission commitment: name, chapter affiliation (if applicable), email address, phone number and school of individual
  • Screen shot of social media posts and associated engagement (shares, comments, likes, messages, etc.)
  • Copies or screenshots of confirmation and promotional emails, responses, email list stats, etc.
  • Signatures from in-person pitches or presentations
  • Copies of articles with estimated reach from earned media
  • Other...
Ultimately, WSU is interested in confirming chapters did what they said they did. As long as there is verifiable proof of activity, it doesn’t matter what validation method is selected.