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Headquartered at Weber State University, the Camping World® sponsored Outdoor Weber competition is a three-day outdoor recreation idea contest located in the Ogden Utah Valley, outdoor capital of the world. If you’re a college student with an innovative outdoor idea, it could be worth $45,000 cash. 

Eligible college students may submit a brief video between January 14, 2019 and January 30, 2019 explaining their outdoor recreation concept at (a form will go live on the website during this time period).

Outdoor categories to consider:

  • Technology
  • Fashion
  • Services
  • Equipment
  • Recreational events
  • Vehicles
  • Non-profit
  • Anything that you can imagine to make money outdoors!

The videos will be displayed for two weeks from February 1, 2019 to February 15, 2019 on the Outdoor Weber website and accessible to the general public for voting purposes. Anyone is welcome to vote (limited to once per day per IP address) on their favorite concept(s). No bot voting of any kind is allowed. A voting tool is located next to each video.

Make sure to promote your video and generate as many votes as possible by sending people to to vote!

Twenty-five semifinalists will be determined by the greatest number of online votes each video receives between February 1, 2019 and February 15, 2019, while an additional ten will be selected by judges in the same number of pre-selected and distinct U.S. regions. From this group, a panel of industry experts will select 10 finalists who will then be invited to Ogden, Utah for the final competitive event on March 20-23, 2019. The three-day competition gives participants the opportunity to refine their concepts with assistance from some of the world’s most-recognized outdoor recreation-based individuals and companies, AND recreate in one of the world's most amazing outdoor playgrounds! The winning idea will be selected by a panel of judges based on progress made throughout the duration of the competition, and its creator will take home a $45,000 grand prize.

The purpose of this event is to stimulate new ideas and take unrefined concepts and turn them into promising business opportunities by the end of the competition. The intent of the online voting period is to simulate a real marketplace situation and demonstrate what it takes to really market and sell a product or service. It's not a popularity contest. There are advantages to having a large network, however, as a new business, one must learn what it takes to get to market, prove a concept and scale.

Because this competition was created to see how far an idea can progress in a multi-day format, inviting more developed businesses would be an unfair advantage. 


Video submissions must be received by January 30, 2019 and not to exceed one-and-a-half minutes (1:30) in length. Anything longer will be disqualified. Please describe your outdoor recreation product or service concept and why it would be successful in the marketplace. Non-outdoor recreation related concepts will be disqualified as determined by our Outdoor Weber qualifications committee. If your product or service has a viable use in outdoor recreation, we encourage you to submit. For international submitions, videos can be produced in any language, however, an additional video in English will need to be submitted via email to in the case it progresses to the semi-final and final rounds of judging.

You must be able to travel and ready to begin the evening of Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 5:30pm MST. The competitive events with your mentoring team will start promptly at 8:00am MST on Thursday, March 21, 2019. You will be responsible for your own travel costs.


Each participant or team must be organized and directed by a University student who is enrolled in at least six credit hours during the Spring 2019 semester of competition (student standing will be verified by Weber State University staff). There are no restrictions regarding other team members and may include students, faculty, family or other professionals. Company formation is not a requirement to enter the competition, however, will be expected afterwards if cash prizes are to be received. Cash winnings will only be awarded to registered companies.


• Teams may present more than one concept; however, each idea must be registered separately
• At least one University student must hold a prominent leadership position or have significant ownership (at least 51%) in the new business
• The business cannot be more than 24 months old per the date of State registration as of March 24, 2019 
• The business cannot have generated revenues in excess of $50,000 as of March 20, 2019
• The business cannot have any external funding as of March 23, 2019 (VC, Angels, grants, public competitions, etc.); University competitions are excluded up to $50,000
• Businesses cannot have previously received any monetary awards from past Outdoor Weber competitions sponsored by the Weber State Hall Global Entrepreneurship Center, prior to the 2018-2019 school year.

Outdoor Weber participants, who do not abide by the rules of this competition, may be disqualified from the contest at the sole discretion of Weber State University. Participants acknowledge and agree that photographs, audiovisual, and other recordings may be made of their likeness during Outdoor Weber contest and may be used and distributed at the sole discretion of Weber State University for any purpose.


Investor Pitch Evaluation (Each item will be worth up to 5 points. A total of 45 possible points):

  1. Was the attractiveness of the market opportunity clearly articulated?
  2. If using your own money, what is the likelihood of investing in this opportunity?
  3. Rate the level of progress student made during the event?
  4. Did the team supply convincing and thorough answers to judges’ inquiries?
  5. Were the presenter(s) and visual aids strong and convincing?
  6. Did the team clearly address the capital requirements and financial forecast?
  7. Did the management team demonstrate a clear capability to operate the business as it is presented?
  8. What degree of intellectual property does the concept have?
  9. Does the proposed venture have a clear competitive advantage?