March 2024 Newsletter


Register for Employee Learning Week!

There is still time to register for Employee Learning Week classes and events. This year's theme, "A Day in The Office", will provide relevant practices to help you at work and to help all of us connect. 

Take classes on using your voice, imposter syndrome, and ways to streamline your work. Hang out by the "water coolers" and give yourself a chance to connect with colleagues - old and new. 

This event's goal is to create that special work community office experience - quirks and all.

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Save the Date- Benefits and Wellness Fair

April 10

The annual Benefits and Wellness Fair will occur on Wednesday, April 10. The fair will take place between 10 am - 2 pm. A Benefits Open Enrollment meeting will be provided between 11 am - 12:30 pm. This event will coincide with Open Enrollment, which opens on Monday, April 8 and closes on Friday, May 17. 

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Wellness Pays

Bonus Program

The Wellness Pays Bonus Program was reset on January 1, 2024. This means you may start the renewal process at any time. 

There are a few updates to be aware of for the 2024 calendar year:

  • If you participated in the Bonus Program last year by providing a blood lipid screening, you will need to improve your score by 1 or meet 4 of 6 health criteria. As an alternative, you may complete the Therapeutic Lifestyle Program if you would rather not complete a blood lipid screening. This is a 17-module program that should take 2-4 months to complete. 
  • If you participated in the Bonus Program last year by completing the Therapeutic Lifestyle Program and would like to provide a blood lipid screening this year, you will not need to meet any specific health criteria. This will be considered your benchmark year. You may choose to complete the Therapeutic Lifestyle Program instead of a blood lipid screening.
  • All participants will need to complete ONE health improvement activity as part of the program requirements. These activities have changed for this year to include:
    • Record blood pressure daily for one month
    • Record blood glucose daily for one month
    • Record stress-relieving activities twice weekly for one month
    • Complete a 2-week health challenge
  • The Bonus Program will close on December 20, 2024, and reopen in 2025.

Employee Wellness will be offering blood lipid screenings weekly, Tuesday-Thursday, 8:30 - 11:00 am. 

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Rewards Program

The Wellness Pays Rewards Program has reset as of January 1, 2024. All point levels were set to zero, and you may now complete activities to earn points. 

As a reminder, all activities must be completed during the 2024 calendar year. Exams and other activities completed in 2022 will not be accepted. 

The Rewards Program will close on December 20, 2024, and reopen in 2025.

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Wellness In 30


Deepen Connections with Family

Family relationships are crucial for well-being as they provide emotional support and stability, a sense of belonging, and a safety net during challenging times. During this Wellness in 30, learn how you can improve family connections with those near and far.

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Employee Wellness 101

Mondays, March 25- April 8

Get a Better Understanding of Your Wellness Program

Provided over three sessions, this course will provide an in-depth look at the Employee Wellness program. The first session will provide a quick overview of the Employee Wellness program, the Released Wellness Time, and use of the online platform. The Rewards program will be covered during the second session, and the Bonus Program during the third. These classes will be as interactive as you make it, with plenty of opportunities to ask individual questions.

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Total Body Conditioning 

Fridays, In Person or Online

Join Tami for a Fabulous Total Body Workout

Join us each Friday for a Total Body Conditioning class. Each class will work the whole body using a variety of strength training equipment. Great for beginners and those with an advanced fitness background. Classes will be held in a hybrid format.

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Cooking Demonstrations

Thursdays, March 14, 21, 28

Cooking Basics Part 1

Learning how to cook meals can help you save money, provide a creative outlet, foster socializing between friends and family, and improve your overall health.

  • Knife Skills
  • Saute and Simmer
  • Roasting and Steaming

All in-person participants will receive a reusable meal container that should be brought to each session.

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Random Acts of Kindness

February 19 - March 22

During this 5-week campaign, work with others across campus to complete random acts of kindness. Each week, complete an act of your choosing and provide the details on the campaign dashboard. Your teammates will then vote on the best random act of kindness that occurred that week.

No need to register. 

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PEHP Wellness

Wellness On Demand

Whether you’re trying to be more active, improve your eating habits, or boost your mental well-being – you can now choose your own path to wellness from a menu of options.

Find a PEHP wellness program of your choice from the new on-demand webpage to jump-start your journey to a healthier you.

And as always, you can earn cash rebates when you participate in various programs.

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Diabetes and YOU- Free Class

March 4 - March 25

PEHP Diabetes and YOU is a free 4-week educational series of web-based classes developed and taught by our Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. This class is for people with diabetes, those who are helping care for someone with diabetes, or people interested in learning more about diabetes. This class with provide valuable knowledge on making healthy choices, learning ways to better manage diabetes, and improving health. The first class will be March 4, 2024 at 12:00 pm.*


Week 1: An Overview of Diabetes

Week 2: Nutrition and Diabetes

Week 3: Exercise and Everyday Tips for Staying Healthy

Week 4: Diabetes Complications

*Weekly webinar classes are recorded if you can't attend live.

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Blomquist Hale Webinars

Blomquist Hale will provide webinars and workshops on a monthly basis. Come back soon for updates!

March 21 (every third Thursday)

6:30 - 7:30 pm

March 25

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Monthly Divorce/Separation/Singles Support Group


This adult support group is open to those who want to thrive through separation, post-divorce, re-married or single. This workshop will be led by a Blomquist Hale professional counselor as an open confidential support group with educational properties. Some subjects that will be discussed will include: grief, coping with change, shame resilience, dating again, re-marriage, co-parenting, step parenting, trusting again, and other topics that arise. This will be an ongoing group so participants can join when needed.

Do you struggle or want to improve your self-love? Self-worth, self-talk, self-grace and self-concept - it all can be overwhelming. In this workshop you will gain knowledge of what self-love looks like and how to access your full potential of a whole self.

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TIAA will be providing live webinars throughout the month. 

Below is the itinerary of all currently scheduled webinars with direct scheduling links for July webinars. Employees can access these webinars at Recordings are available for replay on demand for 90 days following the live webinar date. 

March 6

10:00 am - 11:00 am

March 14

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

March 20

10:00 am - 11:00 am

March 26

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The Starting Line: Begining to save for retirement Attention to Detail: Financial finishing touches for women Paycheck for Life: Set your sights on retirement security

Live with Confidence in Retirement: Five steps to creating your retirement income plan

There’s no time like the present to save for the future. Retirement may not seem especially pressing right now, but the truth is, now is when you can do the most good for your future.

We’ll help you get ahead of your retirement saving with some tools and information you can use right now.

In this webinar, we’ll help you:
• Learn the real effect of time on money, thanks
to compounding and dollar-cost averaging
• Understand debt and learn how to manage it
• See how budgeting can find money and help
you save more of it

What does your financial future hold? Financial success can often complicate your life, and we’d like to help. You’ll learn some ways to stay in
control of the portfolio you’ve accumulated.


We’ll discuss how to:
• Make your money work for you
• Simplify money management
• Invest with a larger portfolio

Do you have a plan to avoid outliving your retirement savings? In this webinar, you’ll learn how to leverage a portion of your savings to create a retirement paycheck that’s guaranteed as long as you live.

We’ll discuss how to:
• Create stable income in retirement
• Prepare your portfolio to produce a retirement
• Budget guaranteed income to cover fixed

If you’re thinking about making the transition to retirement, this webinar is essential for understanding how to create an income plan that helps you maximize your savings.

In five steps you’ll learn how different sources
of income work, how to build your strategy for lifetime income and what to consider when planning withdrawals from your retirement

We’ll help you prepare by discussing how to:
• Estimate your expenses
• Understand your income sources
• Build your strategy for lifetime income
• Withdraw your retirement assets
• Review and adjust your plan as needed

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