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Monthly/Semester Challenges

Stay motivated to improve your wellness by taking on our monthly and semester challenges. All of our challenges are designed to assist you in reaching goals to live a happier, healthier life.



2018 Semester Challenges




Challenge: Weigh To Go

Enrollment deadline: December 29, 2017





Challenge: Summer of Gratitude

Enrollment deadline: May 18
Paperwork deadline: August 17





Challenge: Stop Stress This Minute

Enrollment deadline: September 14
Paperwork deadline: December 7





Challenge: Project Zero

Initial Weigh-in: Nov 12-16
Final Weigh-in: Jan 7-11












2018 Monthly Challenges



February (spirit)

Challenge: Clear The Air

Enrollment deadline: Feb 1.
Paperwork deadline: March 9.




March (body)

Challenge: Hydrate, Refresh and Revitalize

Enrollment deadline: March 2
Paperwork deadline: April 6




April (mind)

Challenge: Budget Basics

Enrollment deadline: March 30
Paperwork deadline: May 4




June (mind)

Challenge: Recess at Work!

Enrollment deadline: June 1
Paperwork deadline: July 6




July (body)

Challenge: Movement in a "Dysfunctional" World

Enrollment deadline: June 29
Paperwork deadline: August 3




August (spirit)

Challenge: Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle

Enrollment deadline: August 3
Paperwork deadline: September 7




September (body)

Challenge: 5 A Day

Enrollment deadline: August 31
Paperwork deadline: September 7




October (mind)

Challenge: Be Resilient

Enrollment deadline: October 1
Paperwork deadline: November 9




November (spirit)

Challenge: Service Through the Holidays

Enrollment deadline: November 2
Paperwork deadline: December 7