Welcome to Weber State!

Congratulations on your new position at Weber State.

Please check your email for an appointment confirmation email.

Prior to this appointment, you will need to complete your benefits enrollment online.  In order for Human Resources to give you the access to do so, you will need to click on the following secure URL to submit the needed information.  If you prefer not to submit this information to our secure site, you may call Human Resources and give this information directly to Brittney Hicken at 801-626-7230.

Online benefits link: https://portalapps.weber.edu/newhireinfo/

Your benefits enrollment completion appointment will be held in the Miller Administration Building (MA), room 111 with Brittney Hicken.  If you park in the pay lot south of MA, we will validate for your parking for the time you are in HR. Please download this map of campus for your convenience. 

When you come for your meeting, please remember to bring: 

  • Required documents to complete the I9. (See the attached form for a list of acceptable documents. Be sure you have the appropriate number of documents from each column.)
  • Name, routing and account numbers for your banking institution
  • Social Security Cards and dates of birth for dependents you wish to put on your insurances (health, dental, and vision)
  • The names, addresses, social security numbers, and dates of birth of the people you want to be your primary and contingent beneficiaries on your life insurance and retirement account
  • Copy of your DD214 if you are a veteran


We look forward to meeting you!