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Monthly Challenges

Stay motivated to improve your wellness and put our Lunch and Learn information into practice by taking on our monthly challenges.  All of our challenges are designed to assist you in reaching goals to live a happier, healthier life.

Join Employee Wellness in 2020 as we take you on a Health Road Trip!

Looking for a getaway to add fun and adventure into your life? While we can't promise paradise, we can guarantee some excitement with our new wellness monthly challenges. Each destination city features a unique health topic to explore such as stress management, vegetable intake, and laughing!

This is going to be the trip of a lifetime... one that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!



2020 Monthly Challenges




Challenge: Grain Cayman

Enrollment deadline: Jan 1
Travel Log Due: Feb 5

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Challenge: Smog Lake City

Enrollment deadline: Feb 1
Travel Log Due: March 5

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Challenge: Heartford 

Enrollment deadline: March 1
Travel Log Due: April 5




Challenge: Aerobiquerque

Enrollment deadline: April 1
Travel Log Due: May 5

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Challenge: Las Veggies

Enrollment deadline: May 1
Travel Log Due: June 5

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Challenge: Stretch Louis

Enrollment deadline: June 1
Travel Log Due: July 5

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Challenge: Strong Falls

Enrollment deadline: July 1
Travel Log Due: Aug 5

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Challenge: HahaLulu

Enrollment deadline: Aug 1
Travel Log Due: Sept 5




Challenge: Pressureburg

Enrollment deadline: Sept 1
Travel Log Due: Oct 5



Challenge: Sweetattle 

Enrollment deadline: Oct 1
Travel Log Due: Nov 5



Challenge: New Balancewick

Enrollment deadline: Nov 1
Travel Log Due: Dec 5




Challenge: Rest Palm Beach

Enrollment deadline: Dec 1
Travel Log Due: Jan 5