Project Zero:  Maintain Don’t Gain 2017



Project Zero:

NOTE – download necessary weigh-in forms HERE!


  1. Weigh yourself anytime during the week of November 13-17 with a witness present, and record that pre-holiday weight on the Project Zero form.  Return this form to Employee Wellness (Mail Code 3501, fax 626-6685,, Please mail only the top half of the form!) Your form needs to be received by Monday, November 20. 
  2.  Focus on practicing healthy habits throughout the holiday season – staying physically active, eating correct portion sizes, moderating extra sweets, getting enough sleep, and managing stress levels.
  3. On or after January 8, 2018, weigh yourself again (on the same scale) with a witness present, to record your post-holiday weight on the second Project Zero form.  Return this form to Employee Wellness (Mail Code 3501, fax 626-6685,, Please mail only the bottom half of the form!no later than Friday, January 12, 2018. 

***All employees who maintain or lose weight from pre- to post-holiday weigh-in will receive 2 movie tickets!***

It is recommended to have Employee Wellness conduct both your pre and post weigh-in. 

This challenge is no longer including in the Wellness Pay Rewards program. You will not receive $20 in addition to your movie tickets.