Miller Administration Building, Room 110
Ext. 6031

 The mission of the Payroll Office is to pay all employees accurately and in a timely manner. In addition to processing employee pay, we are responsible for the following:

  • Withholding statutory deductions (i.e. garnishments, tax levies, child support withholding orders, etc.) and verifying all record keeping and reporting procedures are followed.
  • Withholding elective and voluntary deductions and verifying all record keeping and reporting procedures are followed.
  • Generating year-end (W-2) tax statements for all employees.
  • Processing required employment forms, including W-4, I-9, direct deposit enrollment.
  • Reconciling and remitting retirement plan payments.
  • Reconciling and remitting employee health and dental premium payments.
  • Preparing and reporting wage payments and tax withholding information on a quarterly and annual basis.
  • Reconciling withholding accounts.
  • Maintaining records and reports required by the university, and State and Federal governmental agencies pertaining to personnel paid through the payroll system.
  • Establishing and enforcing payroll processing procedures that are efficient and cost effective.
  • Maintaining payroll related e-systems (i.e. e-PAR, FLSA time worked, Leave Tracker, PAR, etc.).
  • Working directly with the Human Resources Office (benefit package remittances and rate changes, job audit changes, employee transfers, employee LWOP, etc.).
  • Working directly with the Budget Office (salary worksheet and salary planning process, etc.).
  • Working with all campus departments to provide training and education about processes, procedures, and functions including Faculty Load and Compensation (FLAC).
  • Monitoring, implementing and managing payroll related IRS rules and regulatory guidelines.


Weber State University is an electronic pay employer.  All employees must enroll in direct deposit.  You may update your direct deposit information in the portal using the “Direct Deposit Enrollment” App, or you may come to the Payroll Office and submit a new Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

Salaried employees are paid twice each month on the 3rd and 18th.  If the 3rd or 18th falls on a weekend or holiday, you will be paid on the last working day prior to the weekend or holiday.  To reconcile the fiscal and calendar year ends, employees are paid on June 3rd, 18th and 30th, and December 3rd, 18th, and 31st.  Employee will receive an email, each pay period, with instructions on how to access and view their pay stub online. 

Changes in employee names, addresses, marital status or dependents, must be reported to the Payroll Office and Human Resource so that your employee records can be updated.  All salaried employees, including Faculty, are paid in twenty-four equal installments. 

Garnishments PPM
Garnishments are legal proceedings imposed by a court of law upon the University requiring payment to a third party of monies earned by an employee. The University will accept legal garnishments and tax levies against wages in compliance with Federal and State statutes. Employee pay will be held upon receipt of a garnishment by the University, and until a court order is issued indicating satisfaction of the indebtedness or until ordered to surrender the monies to the court or its agent.

Federal law requires employers to withhold FICA (retirement and medicare) taxes from all employees (unless the employee’s citizenship status provides and exemption). The amount and percent upon which contributions are based are subject to change. You can check with the Payroll Department for the current rates. 


Changes to employee names, addresses, marital status or dependents, must be reported to the Payroll Office and Human Resource so that your employee records can be updated.