Faculty Senate

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The Faculty Senate is the deliberative and legislative agency of the academic community. It derives its authority and responsibility from the Constitution and By-laws of the Weber State University Faculty Government approved by the President, Board of Trustees, and Utah State Board of Regents in 1966. The Faculty Senate Constitution clearly delineates Senate powers. The Senate formulates policy in some areas such as standards for admission and retention of students; requirements for all degrees and certificates; curriculum; appointment, promotion, tenure, and dismissal of faculty; standards for student activities and general student conduct; and academic freedom and due process. The Senate recommends policy in the areas of expenditures of funds for instruction, research, and travel; faculty salaries and benefits; leave of absence; selection and retention of academic administrators; and teaching load of faculty personnel. Most of the work in the areas of policy making and recommendations is done by standing committees and ad hoc committees which report regularly to the Faculty Senate.

Faculty Senate Standing Committees

  • Academic Resources and Computing
  • Faculty Board of Review
  • Admissions, Standards and Student Affairs 
  • General Education Improvement & Assessment
  • Appointment, Promotion, Academic Freedom and Tenure
  • Honorary Degree
  • Constitutional Review, Appointment and Organization
  • Research, Scholarship and Professional Growth
  • University Curriculum Committee
  • Salary, Benefits, Budget and Fiscal Planning
  • Environmental Issues Committee
  • Teaching & Learning Committee
  • Assessment  Committee
  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee