Employee Definitions and Categories

Employee Definitions PPM

Weber State defines an employee as an individual employed by or performing work for the University in a capacity other than as an independent contractor. Employees must be United States Citizens, resident aliens or possess visas permitting them to work. Within 24 hours of beginning service, you must present appropriate documents to the Human Resource Department (salaried employees) or Payroll (hourly employees) to verify your employment eligibility and identity. The Immigration Service requires an I-9 form be completed during the sign-up process. The I-9 form is the official document used to verify citizenship and/or immigration status.

Employee definition:

  • Salaried Employee - an employee paid on the salaried payroll and eligible for benefits.
  • Non-Salaried Employee - an employee paid for hours worked or by project who does not qualify for benefits.


Employee Categories
Salaried Employees Non-Salaried Employees
Faculty Adjunct Faculty
Executive Staff Clinical Faculty
Exempt Staff Hourly
Non-Exempt Staff              Work Study