Accounting Services

Miller Administration Building, Room 204
Ext. 6606
Accounting Services maintains the central accounting system for the University. Assistance is provided to departments in the form of periodic reports, on-line access to financial accounts and technical support and training. Accounting Services is also responsible for financial reporting, treasury activities, the Cashier’s Office, and the Payroll Department.
Student Service Center, Room 209
Ext. 8006
The Cashier’s Office is the central receipting area for tuition and fees, fines, auxiliary revenues, accounts receivable payments, and petty cash reimbursements. Financial aid and scholarship checks to students are disbursed from this office. With your WSU ID card you may cash personal checks at the Cashier’s window.
Receiving and Distribution Building, Room 205
Ext. 7352

Property Control inventories and audits all institutional equipment. It is also a surplus property outlet where the sale and disposal of all university surplus property is handled. This department handles inquiries regarding surplus office furniture or equipment.