Herschel Urie wrote a comprehensive history of the Department of Electronics in 1986 covering the first 3 decades of the department (1955-1984). 

After hours of telephone conversations and emails, retired chair (1998-2010) Professor Dr. Bill Clapp gives us another piece of the puzzle as to why the WSU’s Electronic Engineering Telchnology Program was remarkably successful. In his comments below, you will notice that Bill uses every opportunity to teach us something we may not know. Bill would love to hear from anyone who is interested in the EET program between 1984 to 2010, so please feel free to call him at 801-866-3802.     

Waldo the Wildcat, a former student, tells the story of his WSU experiences, including becoming a National Champion Mascot and graduating from the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department with High Honors.

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