2 + 2 Program Structure

When you’re looking for an education that’s going to help you get a good job, four straight years of college is a long time – longer than many people are able to commit to.

For this reason, the WSU College of Engineering,Applied Science and Technology (EAST) offers a “2+2” structure in its programs: You could earn your associate’s degree in two years and find a job in your field. Then, when the time is right, pick up where you left off and complete your bachelor’s degree in two more years to improve your career prospects.

These 2+2 programs offer an easy-to-follow course sequence that makes sure you complete all the requirements necessary to earn your degrees. Depending on the program you choose, you may also have the chance to earn skills certification – additional credentials that will prepare you for work and make you an attractive job candidate.

Contact the EAST advisement office to get more information about the 2+2 program you're interested in.

Jessica Slater

TE 201B


Rainie Ingram

ET 110A

Business Education Composite Teaching
Construction Management 
Network Management 

Pat DeJong

ET 218F and TE 110C

Computer Science
Design Engineering Technology
Electronics Engineering Technology
Manufacturing Engineering
-Plastics & Composites Emphasis
-Production Operations & Controls      Emphasis
-Welding Emphasis
Mechanical Engineering