Tech Sales Joins USCA

WSU’s Technical Sales department became an associate member of University Sales Center Alliance (USCA) in September.

USCA is a consortium of sales centers located in universities throughout the United States.  It connects faculty members with many different backgrounds and areas of expertise. Together, these credible and innovative educators advocate for the continuing advancement of the sales profession through teaching, research and outreach. 

“Joining USCA is a great step towards WSU becoming a standard in technical sales education” said Vel Casler, department chair and professor in the program. 

The technical sales program has been at weber for 29 years, and has over 450 students currently enrolled.  It is the only four-year technical sales degree program in the western United States. 

“Our union with USCA will allow us to better connect students with employers in high paying sales positions” said Desiree Cooper-Larsen, a professor in the department.  “Many fortune 500 companies hire students involved with USCA.” 

Throughout the year there are sales competitions sponsored by USCA, which provide students with an opportunity to share and refine skills in real-life sales contexts.  All competitions also include a career fair, giving students the opportunity to engage with corporate recruiters.

Competition categories include scenarios and prepared events such as; appointment calls and sales calls using technology. 

Last year WSU students competed at Kennesaw State University’s sales competition.  “We did very well, placing 47th in the nation in our first year competing,” said Desiree Cooper-Larsen, “In future competitions I know we will do even better as we become more involved with USCA.”

The technical sales program has a 92 percent placement rate upon graduation.  “I know many graduates are having a hard time finding employment,” said Desiree Cooper-Larsen, “But our graduates find well-paying jobs very quickly after graduation.”

For more information on the Technical Sales program contact Desiree Cooper-Larsen