Summer 2015


Engineering and technology can be incredibly fun and interesting regardless of how old you are.  Providing opportunities to engage in engineering and technology to our local community is so important to the College of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology (EAST) that we even have a center devoted to do just that!  

Community service is a vital part of WSU’s mission and EAST has enthusiastically embraced and expanded on that goal through outreach that focuses on the areas we do best, engineering and technology.  We believe that young students who have fun, even challenging fun with STEM will increase in not only skills and knowledge, but also their ability to problem solve, persevere in spite of mistakes and gain the confidence to be the innovators, creators and designers of the future.


WSU Engineers create solar generator

WSU engineers create solar generator, charging station

A team of Weber State students, along with Assistant Professor Julie McCulley, are working to create portable solar power generators. 

Weber State University drew engineers from across the globe and provided a venue for local solar projects to shine.

WSU hosted the IEEE SUSTECH Conference for the first time in the three years that it has been in operation.


Senior Projects

Projects include Skid Steer,Weber Wobbler, Boeing Box Washer and Presidential Designs. 

Skid Steer 
The purpose of this project is to design and execute the construction of a mini skid steer. The ability to successfully accomplish their capstone as a group of engineers to not only further their abilities in industry, as well as providing a solution to heavy snow falling to the stake holder. Some of their major goals were to stay within the budget of $6,000, fabricate the project, meet all welding code requirements, and complete on time.

skid streer





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