Does the certificate prepare students to take the CSEP exam offered by INCOSE? 

No, it doesn't prepare for the CSEP 

Does the scholarship cover the student's full tuition, fees, and books?

Yes, it covers full tuition, fees, and books for the certificate courses only.

Do I have to complete the program by end of the Summer Semester 2022?

Yes, but you can start classes in either the Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 semesters.

What costs are incurred by the student?  

The student incurs costs for courses not in the certificate program and the $30 Weber State Admissions Office Fee.

How many scholarships are being given?

We have been granted a specific sum of money to award through the Cares Act. When we run out of money, we run out of scholarships. All monies must be awarded by November 10. Each student path has a different cost, and some students have already taken one or more of these courses, so we have anywhere from 15-25 scholarships to award.


Do the classes that are included in this certificate qualify for a master's in Systems Engineering?

If the college offers a Master’s of Science in Systems Engineering in the fall of 2022. Certain credits will apply toward the master’s degree. 


What is Weber State's goal for students that receive this training?

The certificate provides a launching point for gainful employment in the aerospace/manufacturing workplace, professional certification within the International Council of Systems Engineering (INCOSE).


Are the courses for the certificate taught online?

The certificate consists of hybrid courses offered online. Attendance is not required and lecture is conducted via zoom. All materials and content are delivered via Canvas.


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